DQ Entertainment To Co-Produce Escape Hockey With Imira Entertainment, Enne Productions, TVE

DQ Entertainment, the Global entertainment production and distribution company today  announced that Imira Entertainment, Spain’s leading production and distribution company specialising in youth programming and Enne Entertainment Studios and Spanish broadcaster TVE has joined as co-production partners on new 3D animated series Escape Hockey.

Aimed at 6-12 year olds and created by Enne Entertainment, Escape Hockey (26×26’)www.escapehockey.com is a blend of comedy and space adventure that tells the story of Dan, who is abducted along with his friends to a prison planet named Plutonium. The only way for him to go back home is to win the great Escape Hockey Tournament, the biggest sporting event in the galaxy, where the most dangerous inmates battle it out for the ultimate prize. Their freedom! The series will be produced in two versions, a standard television series and an interactive version which will feature the innovative gaming format ‘Watch and Play’ – a revolutionary system that allows the viewer watch the series and play at the same time thanks to the mini-games integrated in each chapter. Scenes incorporated in the storyline will be played out by the viewer. This will be developed with VOD, online, interactive TV and games console platforms in mind. These videogames will also allow TVE develop the interactive potential of its web offering including skills of socialization and community creation around the series. Imira is also handling worldwide sales for the show, and will be at MIPCOM seeking presales. Sergi Reitg, CEO of Imira Entertainment: “We’re very happy to have DQE on board as a co-production partner for Escape Hockey, joining the strong team already in place at Imira, Enne and TVE. We’ve had a fantastic initial response to the show and its unique and innovative cross-media ‘Watch and Play’ format which we hope will revolutionize the viewing experience for kids.” Guillermo Velasco, Business Director at Enne Entertainment Studios and Executive Producer of the series pointed out that “We could never imagined we would have such great co-producers on board. Imira, DQE and TVE have been very passionate about the concept of the series and the added value that ‘Watch & Play’ offers to the market. We are very optimistic regarding the acceptance of other broadcasters to this innovative series”. Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman & CEO of DQE Group commented “ The watch and play format will be a great attraction for the children viewing the series. We are sure that the combined synergies of DQE, Imira & Enne Animation will make Escape Hockey a great success worldwide”. connect@animationxpress.com

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