Disney launches second season of ‘Baymax Dreams’

Disney Television Animation (DTVA) launched the first episode of Baymax Dreams season two on 3 August. Based on the Emmy Award nominated television series Big Hero 6 The series, Baymax Dreams premiered as a series of three shorts in 2018.
The first season capitalised on real-time rendering technology functionality, employing non-linear workflows and tools frequently used in the gaming industry, all supported by Unity Technologies and Disney’s Direct to Consumer & International Technology (DTCI) group. Unity Technologies earned its first Emmy for the spinoff for Technology and Engineering.
Highlights of the second season include new and innovative capabilities in visual effects, lighting and shading.  Season two also introduces human characters using humanoid animation.
“We’ve said from the start of our little experiment, technical innovation is the core goal, but we’re not going to inspire a lasting evolution unless the creative quality captures imaginations,” said Disney Television Animation executive director, multiplatform content Gino Guzzardo. “That cross-section of creativity and technology is in the history we’ve inherited as modern Disney storytellers, so we’re constantly pushing ourselves to carry that tradition forward on the multiplatform content team at Disney Television Animation.”
After the on-air release, the first episode of the new Baymax Dreams season will launch on YouTube on 8 August.