Disney Channel to premiere ‘The Jungle Book’ on 26th Jan

One of Disney’s most popular family movies ever “The Jungle Book”, loved the world over for its memorable music (who says bears can’t sing!), thrilling adventures and unforgettable characters comes to Disney Channel on 26th January 2012 at 11 am. This playful mix of music, laughs and thrills will be telecast in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. This 1968 animated classic and Academy Award nominated film was the last one to be mentored by Walt Disney himself. The movie is a celebrated adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s literary classic story set in the Pench forests in India. The lush and exciting jungle comes alive as we embark on a thrilling, adventure-filled journey with the young Indian boy, Mowgli and his jungle pals who teach him the true meaning of friendship while protecting him from the treacherous tiger Shere Khan. Natasha Malhotra, VP and GM, Walt Disney Television International India says, “Disney Channel is delighted to premiere this song-filled celebration of friendship, fun and adventure.  The Jungle Book has a very special place in our hearts not only because it was the last film to receive Walt Disney‘s personal touch but also because it is a great tale set in an Indian jungle with lovable characters and a timeless story, sure to entertain the entire family both young and old”. Little Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves in the Indian jungle is happy just enjoying the “Bare Necessities” with his buddies, especially happy-go-lucky bear Baloo. However, the vicious tiger, Shere Khan decides that the “man-cub” must be eliminated because of the threat he will pose to tigers once he grows into a man. So the wise panther Bagheera sets out to return him to the “man village”, where he will be safe. The exciting journey through the jungle holds many dangers and surprises. After falling out of the coils of a hungry hypnotic python named Kaa and falling in with a herd of military elephants, the “man-cub” meets the carefree bear named Baloo who teaches Mowgli the song “The Bare Necessities” of life and the true meaning of friendship. Other musical highlights include, “I Wan‘na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)”, by Jazzy King Louie and the hepcat monkeys, the sneaky “Trust in Me” by Kaa and “That’s What Friends are For”… “The Jungle Book is a toe-tapping adventure filled with fun and surprises while also emphasizing values like loyalty, honour, courage, persistence and integrity making it a timeless Disney classic”, adds Natasha. Disney Channel also gives you a chance to download the best-loved songs from this fun-filled musical journey. All you have to do is watch the film, look out for the short code on your screen during the songs and send a message to 56060. The songs are downloadable in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Often noted to be “the happiest possible way to remember Walt Disney”, the jungle starts jumping on your television screens on January 26, 2012 at 11 am on Disney Channel. Be a part of the adventure with Mowgli and his friends. This is a journey you shouldn‘t miss taking!         connect@animationxpress.com