Discovery Kids to launch its first 3D animated film ‘Kaal Bana Vish Kaal’ this Independence Day

Discovery Kids, Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty Picturez’s kid’s favourite animation show Little Singham, the revolutionary superhero, has a mega surprise in store for his ardent fans. For the first time, Little Singham is releasing a 3D animated movie on his birthday titled Kaal Bana Vish Kaal, slated to premiere on 15 August 2022 at 11:30 am. Little Singham, an emblem of bravery and valour, celebrates his birthday on 15 August every year, which also coincides with our nation’s Independence Day. 

Little Singham’s biggest enemy, the demon Kaal, is back with a vengeance! After record breaking Kaal movie editions, this powerful villain is back on the super cop’s birthday, keeping all the kids at the edge of their seats. This 3D film will see Little Singham on yet another mission to keep his arch-nemesis Kaal Rakshas from carrying out his evil schemes. While Mirchingar celebrates Little Singham’s birthday, Shambhala steals Little Sigham’s sherdil strength to resurrect Mahakaal. Simultaneously, the disintegrated Kaal gets back and embarks on a journey to become the toxic Vishakaal by ingesting poison from the most venomous scorpion in the world. Little Singham in the meantime travels to the fantastical Land of the Lions and competes against the powerful sherdils to reclaim his lost powers for a face-off with Vishkaal in a battle of good vs. evil.

Warner Bros. Discovery Kids head (South Asia) Uttam Pal Singh said, “It is overwhelming to see the love and response received on this IP which has only motivated us to further push the envelope on this one. We wanted to keep on experimenting and re-energising the franchise with new formats of engagement, new style of storytelling. Kaal Bana VishKaal animated in 3D style of animation, has been the most ambitious project yet in conceptualising, execution, production and final telecast. Me, along with the entire team, are very proud of this work. For our fans there couldn’t have been a better day than Little Singham’s birthday to introduce our much-awaited 3D animated movie.”

Other titles dropping in the month of August include:

  1. Ajab Fukron ki Gazab Kahani 13 August, 11:30 am

It is Neetu Ma’am’s birthday, and Lali has a special way of gifting her. But when they get there, they find Neetu Miss missing. Fukrey Boyzzz find a tunnel underneath the school ground but as they move further where they are stuck by a bael laser and are converted into baels. They find out that a new tabela has opened next to Adarsh Balak School by Bael Singh. Bael Singh with his sidekicks has a plan to get to the school and retrieve his bael mani, which he planted years ago inside Adarsh School. Fukrey Boyzzz as half-baels get to the villain’s lair to retrieve Neetu Miss and save Adarsh Balak School from the Villains.

  1. Fukrey vs Monster Mania – 13 August, 4:30 pm

Chameliyan a monster from Chamgadad-Land is here to abduct teachers for his world, but Fukrey Boyzzz soon decide to topple their master plan. To do so, they will have to battle the fake teachers and Bholi who has joined the villains.

  1. Little Singham: Yeh Mera India – 15 August, 11:30 am

This grand movie takes part in three major cities of India. In Punjab, Little Singham gets a distress call from Veer where he finds out that once the langar sewa is over, Jaanwar captures Veer and puts a control belt on him taking full control of him. In West Bengal, Little Singham attends the Nobanna festival where amidst the festivities, mysterious alien-like creatures steal the crops forming crop circles. Little Singham unravels the mystery to save the crops and revive the festive spirit of the harvest festival. In Maharashtra, Karate’s Maushi invites Little Singham to celebrate the Pola festival. After they enjoy the celebration, Chhoti Chingari, a flame monster resurrected by Shambhala, attacks the village, and wreaks havoc, only for Little Singham to save the day.  

  1. Fukrapanti ki Paathshaala – 27 August, 11:30 am

A naughty alien, Teto, lands up in Fukreystan and joins Fukrey Boyzzz in their shenanigans. Teto is being chased by three aliens, Ching, Shunty & Bunty but Fukrey Boyzzz are there to save their new friend from their clutches.

  1. Little Singham in Ajooba Gajooba – 28 August, 11:30 am

Little Singham receives an invitation to the magical land of Ajooba Gajooba, a place where mystical creatures live together. He is invited as a guest for an event where the leader of Ajooba Gajooba is chosen by putting the three relics of the three clans into a holy fire. The event is disrupted by an evil wizard, Parloka, who wanted to be the next leader. It comes down to Little Singham to stop Parloka and return the relics back to the holy fire.

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