Discovery Kids celebrates ‘Little Singham’ birthday with brand-new movie premiers

Guess which Indian animated character’s birthday coincides with India’s Independence day? It’s none other than Little Singham! Winning a million hearts with his bravery, Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty Picturez’s Little Singham has successfully become a household name in India. And to celebrate the little star’s special day, Discovery Kids has come up with a birthday song that is already live followed by a full-blown month-long celebration with six brand new movie premiers, cake cutting right before the film Kans aur Kaal ka Raj at 11:30 am on 15 August and lots of fun activities ensuring nonstop unbridled fun and entertainment!

To begin with, Discovery Kids has curated an engrossing line up of movies starting 14 August 2021, that will turn one’s regular day into a never-ending binge watching experience. From Little Singham fighting against his biggest enemy Kaal to destroy the Buri Shatikayaan in Kans Aur Kaal ka Raaj to his international mission with his mother Black Shadow in Little Singham aur Black Shadow: Mission International and Choocha in Wonderistan, the birthday line-up has all things fun!

To add even more excitement to the party, Discovery Kids will be giving out return gifts to the BIGGEST Little Singham fan! A ‘watch and win contest’ will be held from 15 to 21 August 2021. Additionally, a treasure hunt, dance challenge and comic strip contest to keep the audiences at the edge of their seat.

Discovery Kids channel head Uttam Pal Singh said, “5th August is a special day for India, where we come together as one nation one voice and celebrate our freedom, Discovery Kid’s patriotic hero Little Singham has always aimed to showcase stories that are not only endearing but also inspiring and having a positive impact on young viewers. Seeing the character receive so much love and adulation, it was only fair that we plan a blockbuster virtual birthday bash that could connect with fans from around the globe to celebrate their favourite super cop’s birthday from their homes.”

Reliance Animation CEO Tejonidhi Bhandare said, “We’re thrilled to bring an engrossing slate of movies on Discovery Kids Channel to celebrate the birthday of one of our most adored cops. It brings us immense joy to see Little Singham’s character setting a benchmark in the animation industry and this virtual birthday party is not just a moment of celebration for the viewers but also the entire team behind its making.”

Movie Highlights:

Little Singham Super Squad: Ready Hai Hum (14 August at 11:30 am)

 Little Singham and Super Squad go on two mega adventures set in exotic locations where they thwart the plans of warmongering dictator Tanashah and the king of Wolfa Hills, werewolf villain Bhayanak Bhedia.

Kans Aur Kaal ka Raaj (15 August at 11:30 am)

Hundreds of years ago, a dark evil asteroid was about to destroy the earth, but the sherdil guardians protected it with a guardian forcefield & lit the first sherdil jwala on Earth with the light of the sun so that the Jwala could protect earth from evil. Now the evil asteroid has returned to the galaxy, its power has extinguished the guardian Jwala & brought Kans & Kaal back to life. LS & team travel through different lands to get to the highest point, the mythical surya choti on earth to light the jwala again with the last ray of sun before the asteroid covers the sun completely & destroy life across all planets of the solar system.

 Choocha in Wonderistan (15 August at 1:30 pm)

 Fukrey Boyz embark on a fantastical voyage to the world of pirates, giant birds, magic and riddles. Join Fukrey Boyzz in their most Ajoobastic Voyage ever in this Blockbuster Premiere.

Bahubali Friends: Rise of Mahishasur (21 August at 11:30 am)

An ancient crown brings back the most feared demon Mahishasur, who wants to spread his reign of evil and rule the world with the strength of his Maha-astra, the ultimate weapon of destruction, that can totally annihilate the world. Little Singham together with his Bahubali friends – Shakti, Hanuman and Little Ganesh embarks on a quest to attain the powers which will help him counter Mahishasur’s strength.

 Choocha aur Science ki Takkar (21 August at 1:30 pm)

What happens when you mix scientific formulas with Choochatic Fukrapanti, chaos and tons of laughter are guaranteed. Choocha’s experiment with science will bring the house down, literally in this special Blockbuster premiere.


Little Singham aur Black Shadow: Mission International (28 August at 11:30 am)

Little Singham embarks on a mission to find clues about a cryptic message that can create massive destruction in the beautiful city of Vanice. He is surprised to find Black Shadow in Venice and together they clash against super villain Yantra and decimate his plans.