Did I Err Productions to produce Sergio Aragonés ‘Groo the Wanderer’ animated adaption

Entrepreneur Josh Jones has acquired the animated film and television rights to Groo the Wanderer. Cartoonist Sergio Aragonés’ beloved comic character will get its first ever animated title via Jones’ Did I Err Productions Company.

Aragonés said, “After drawing and living with Groo for so many years, so many comics, so many pages, you can imagine I have drawn Groo in every position imaginable. We studied what we have seen on the screen by different animators and laughed plenty. Now, I know that we are going in the right direction and I can assure the fans that they will love Groo the way Mark and I do.”

Groo the Wanderer has entered the 40th year of publication, it one of the longest running independent and created owned comic books. Groo the Wanderer is created by Aragonés along with Mark Evanier and has been published by Dark Horse Comics since 1998.

Groo the Wanderer follows the exploits of a barbarian warrior who is invincible in battle, but negotiates his days with an I.Q. three points lower than a boulder. With his trusty canine sidekick Rufferto, he wanders an ancient land of mystery, magic and mayhem, looking only for a warm place to sleep, a few coins or a taste of cheese dip.

Jones said, “I’ve loved Groo the Wanderer since I was eight years old, and to have the honor of bringing the character to on-screen life is, quite literally, a lifelong dream come true.”

Jones and his Did I Err partner Scott Nocas will serve as executive producers on the film and/or series, with Aragonés and Evanier.