Delhi Safari wows Intl Audience at Annecy 2012

It was a moment of Immense Pride for India as Krayon Pictures Delhi Safari was screened at Annecy 2012 to the International Audiences at the festival. Part of the selection of the festival, (out of competition), the film was screened couple of times at the Decavision. Talking about the Screenings and the response of the audience, the flamboyant Nishith Takia, Co Founder & Director of Krayon Pictures shared, ” I think it was a very good response, we had 2 screenings and more than 65% to 70% attendance at the theatre, the audience seemed to have enjoyed the film. It was a big step for Krayon for Delhi Safari to be officially selected by Annecy 2012 to be screened at the festival.” Talking about the upcoming release of the film, Nishith shared, “We are hoping to release the film sometime in October this year all over India and some other territories. We also have had a screening at Cannes and have got a very good response from Distributors across the world  and are in further discussions for the other territories” Krayon Pictures is part of the Indian Pavilion at Mifa 2012, he commented” To be in the Indian Pavilion it gives a lot of stability and respectability to the companies here and it creates a natural pull for the visitors to feel the level of comfort in dealing and talking to somebody who is housed in the pavilion rather than floating as individuals, so that benefited us a lot. The screening definitely give an additional fillip, it further increased people’s trust in the quality of the animation and studios overall” “We already have a working relationship with Moonscoop France and were happy to meet with them and discuss a long term relationship with them. We also had very optimistic discussions with a very big TV network to develop a property which they really liked very much and there were some of our upcoming IPs that we were pitching as well. All in all its been a great market for us.”