DeAPlaneta Entertainment, in collaboration with SAMG Entertainment, expands ‘Superdino’ animated series worldwide

DeAPlaneta Entertainment has signed a global rights distribution deal for the pre-school animated series Superdino with Korean family entertainment company SAMG Entertainment. Superdino is a 3D animated series for preschool audiences. It tells the exciting adventures of a dinosaur rescue team starring Deano, Cera, Ben, Windy and Harry. Led by a girl named Joy, this team is responsible for rescuing endangered dinosaurs on their secret island: Koong Koong.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment has already closed its first deal in Spain and is in talks with U.S. and Latin American channels. It plans to expand the series into key territories including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

The series premiere will be accompanied by extensive media coverage to support licensing and merchandising deals with a range of companies and subsequent distribution.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment chief brand officer Diego Ibáñez Belaustegui said, “SAMG Entertainment is a truly modern entertainment company that brings together creative, commercial and product design capabilities. For many years, this has allowed them to create benchmark IPs reinforced by their own innovative toy lines. Superdino opens a new phase for us, in perfect harmony with the founding of DeAPlaneta Entertainment and that reinforces our presence in Asia.”

SAMG international business and development head Kevin Min said, “Our partnership with DeAPlaneta consolidates this project as a genuinely global kid brand. The world has changed, children have changed, borders are blurring, and DeAPlaneta is the ideal partner because it is ready to adapt to the fast-paced evolution of family entertainment. SAMG will continue to put forward new ideas, to present new programs, and will analyse the best way to position our brands in countries outside Asia on their proven success in our home market. We will do this together with DeAPlaneta, a highly experienced and extremely well-qualified partner.”

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