Creative Galileo to bring ‘Purple Turtle’ games and videos

Creative Galileo, one of the fastest growing early learning apps in India, has acquired the licensing rights of Aadarsh Technosoft’s flagship IP, Purple Turtle in Asia except for China and UAE. The new age Edtech company plans to launch Purple Turtle games and videos for three to ten year old children under their banner.

Creative Galileo founder Prerna A Jhunjhunwala is confident that Purple Turtle, because of its appeal among children, will change the traditional approach to teaching and learning. The aim behind this partnership is to provide a learning experience that will sow the seed of curiosity to learn more.

Aadarsh Technosoft is transforming online education for children across the world. Purple Turtle has its books exported to more than 25 countries, a TV show on Discovery Kids in Middle East and Northern Africa and an online preschool program with animation and live classes.

Aadarsh Technosoft directors are excited about this new project. They strongly believe that merging technology with learning will offer more effective methods of imparting knowledge. Since 80 per cent of learning happens between the age of two to six, this is the ideal age to lay the foundation to excel in higher education.

Purple Turtle was an imprint for the children’s books published by Aadarsh in 2006. In 2011, it was converted into a character. 

With an intention to create a gender-neutral character of their own, Purple Turtle which was initially an imprint of the children’s books was transformed into a character and published with three books as a starter to test the water. Since then, they have never stopped! They’ve achieved success and received appreciation in a short span.