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 “MIPCOM & MIPTV get together over 3000 companies under one roof. Where else can you get such a platform ?”
null Founder and CEO and Reed Exhibitions , India representative Anil Wanvari
Regardless of the body that organises it or the agenda, each and every conference and seminar on animation has sessions that discuss the projection of the Indian animation industry’s image internationally. Every discussion on Indian animation includes the topic of marketing India’s image abroad. Even as the process of building the right image is perpetual, Animation ‘xpress Anand Gurnanimet up with Founder & CEO and Reed Midem, Reed Exhibitions representative for India, Anil Wanvari. Wanvari knows the pulse of the international market and the psyche. The CEO has in his vast career in media, been a leading writer, columnist and India correspondent for many leading international publications & media outfits including Financial Times, Cable & Satellite, Television Business International, Kagan Media etc. Couple of years back he became the first Indian to be on the board of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences which conducts the Emmy awards. He also has been appointed by Reed Midem and Reed Exhibitions as their India representative. Reed is the group which organises some of the world’s most well attended trade fairs like MIPCOM and MIPTV. Here are excerpts from the interview… Which exhibitions and markets does Reed organise across the world and when did you become the India representative for Reed? Reed organises Midem the music market, MIPTV and MIPCOM the world’s largest Audio Visual content markets. These are held in Cannes in the south of France at the Palais Des Festival which is the same location where the Cannes film market is held. MIPTV is held in April, MIPCOM is held in October and Midem in January every year. I became the Indian representative for MIPCOM, MIPTV and Midem in September last year. These markets are organised with Reed Midem, I also represent Reed Exhibitions which runs the Asian Media Festival in Singapore of which ATF is a part of. ATF was held in December 04. How many Indian studios attended MIPjunior and Mipcom last year? Could you name a few? There are quite a few studios at MIPCOM last year, some of them were Toonz Animation India, Maya Entertainment Limited, Famous Animation, Land Marvel, CGI Mantra, Crest Animation, UTV Toons, Escotoonz, Animation Bridge, Padmalaya, Paprikaas, Applied Gravity, Green Gold Animation, Igrafix, and WEG India. Could you mention how studios stand to benefit by attending these markets? There is a lot of money to be made in co production and in contract work. However, India has actually been losing out to countries like China in the animation business. A lot of China’s success has been achieved thanks to the agressive marketing and the lower cost and also the skilled labor available there. In a similar manner, Indian animation studios too can use markets such as MIPTV and MIPCOM by presenting a right perspective attitude and aggresive marketing. In the past, Indian companies have commited projects and not delivered them, this has brought about the perception that there is more smoke than fire in the Indian animation Industry. An image perception change needs to be brought about internationally by the Indian companies. The markets also present tremendous networking opportunity with heads of close to 3,000 companies and studios which are regular in Cannes. According to Reed Midem statistics close to a Billion Dollars worth of transactions are enabled at both MIPCOM and MIPTV. One also gets to see and understand what trends are emerging internationally. Where else can you get a platform with 3000 companies under one roof!

“We would like to put up an India pavilion where the Indian animation studios (large as well as small) can project themselves in the right manner to the international community”

Are you working out special packages for the smaller studios? (In terms of accomodation and other costs) We are open to suggestions from the Indian animation industry. We would like to see an India pavilion where the Indian studios (large as well as small) can project themselves in the right manner to the international community. We are very keen to see India emerge as an animation superpower. As a regular at MIPTV & MIPCOM and also as the Indian representative for Reed what smart tips do you have for first timers? Firstly, Book early. Take advantage of the lower costs of early booking. Access the database online, fix appointments with executives in advance and have a full calendar for the week. Come up with concrete ideas and proposals and be prepared with your showreels. Come with a commitment and do deliver on contracts, don’t over commit. Concieve global projects which should be international quality though they may have an ethnic feel. When in the near future do you see TV/Film markets a la MIPCOM taking place in India? Is Reed interested in doing something through you or your company in India? The time is not yet right, Indian producers have to stop being xenophobic in their attitude. In 2-3 years it should be possible to have such a market in India, not in terms of scale but in quality. What does the international market percieve the Indian animaton industry as? There are mixed opinions, some people curse it, those who know it are in dismay, it’s a case of so much promise and so little achieved. However of late a handful of companies are beginning to get things right.