Color Chips India abuzz with activity

Animation major Color Chips India Ltd is stepping on the pedal as far as new initiatives are concerned, so much so that it has taken to sub-contracting to meet increasing demand. The company, which recently announced its intentions to set up a fully owned subsidary in the Philippines, is taking the sub-contracting route to manage output requirements as it takes on more projects. It is also thinking of adopting the franchise model to take its modular courses across the country. Amongst the projects currently being worked on at the studio is a multi million dollar international co-production, “Legend of the Dragon” with German studio BKN New Media. All the new projects have meant that all existing studio space in Hyderabad is in use and the company plans to expand soon after signing “deals that are currently under negotiation with international partners,” a company release states. The animation major, which holds the regional rights to many of its international co-productions, has also closed a deal with Mumbai based Star Entertainment for the home video (VHS/VCD/DVD) rights of its 26 episode (24 minutes each) series UBOS (Ultimate book of spells). Stressing that the company was not compromising on quality while outsourcing its work, Color Chips COO Shamboo Phalke stated, “In the animation process the initial activities are highly creative. As the work progresses from one activity to another, the work becomes more routine in nature and less in creative participation.We subcontract this type of ‘routine work’. We also have our own manpower for these activities.” Phalke further added, “In 2D animation, the quality yardsticks are well defined. Each scene is accompanied with all the relevant reference material and thus everything necessary for completion of a scene is available with the sub-contractor.” he pointed out that in a competitve environment with deadlines looming large, it made sense to sub contract. Continuing he said, “‘In time’ delivery is a key to success and does not burden a studio. Timely deliveries mean timely payments from the overseas client. Besides, a limited company’s overheads are much higher than the sub-contractors.” Phalke also drew attention to the company’s animation training modules that was now open to the public (it was initially developed to provide suitable skill sets for staff in-house). Claiming the modular approach of training to be the need of the hour, Phalke said, “The requirements of the artists in the production activities of Layout, Animation, Cleanup and Intertwining are quite different. Rarely can an artist who is an expert in one activity do another activity with the same level of expertise. The purpose of offering modular courses is to simplify the process of learning and to make it quick and affordable.” The company has about 10 different courses with fees ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000. The course durations are also pretty short with the longest lasting six weeks. (Click here to view details of Color Chips India’s modular courses)