'Classroom for Heroes' is getting an anime adaptation, first look revealed -

‘Classroom for Heroes’ is getting an anime adaptation, first look revealed

A new announcement by Actas Studio indicates that the studio is working on Classroom for Heroes anime, and with that, they have shared the first look. The artwork gives a peek at the lead characters Blade and Arnest. According to the announcement, the anime will be released sometime in 2023. 

For those who are unfamiliar, Classroom for Heroes debuted in January 2015. The title was written by Shin Araki, and Haruyuki Morisawa oversaw the artwork. This fantasy series, which is published by Shueisha, follows two heroes as they begin their training to become heroes in a world full of supernatural characters.

The official synopsis of Classroom for Heroes reads: Blade, a young man who inherited a great power at three years old, suddenly finds himself without his strength after battling with the Demon Lord. He always wanted to live a normal life and is delighted to finally enjoy school and make friends after the loss. The school he joins happens to train the heroes of tomorrow, and though Blade is surrounded by the best, he will have to knock himself down a peg for others as his own talents exceed those of human understanding!