CII Summit FX 2022 Live in Delhi: Future Thought & Showcase for the Indian AVGC Industry

Technicolor country head and CII National AVGC committee 2021 – 2022 chairman Biren Ghose

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is coming up with the third edition of CII Summit FX 2022 which is a global platform for the Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics (AVGC) sector. Previous two editions of the event were successful which became a definitive meeting point and platform that gives the details of what happens in the AVGC sector. The event will be in Delhi on 29th and 30th August.

Technicolor country head and CII National AVGC committee 2021 – 2022 chairman Biren Ghose shared insights about the event, what to expect from the event and briefly talked about the agenda of the event. He said, “This event is particularly important as the government, industry and the academic community have been working together over the past three months on a charter initiated by a clarion call from the prime minister to make the AVGC industry a vehicle to take the Indian storytelling prowess to the world. The conference sessions at the summit will include expositions of what the sub-sectors of this task force have been deliberating and there will be sessions across startups and innovation, education, skills and entrepreneurship, services exports opportunities in which the ministry of commerce and industry has recognised AVGC as a startup sector other such proposals to catapult the sector.”

He also said that the event is the celebration of the industry and will showcase the achievements of each sector post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commenting about the agenda of Summit FX 2022, Ghose said, “Events such as CII Summit FX 2022 are about recognizing milestones and the achievements in the year gone by. It also includes a unique opportunity for networking, as many new incumbents have not had the chance to meet the who is who in the industry, who will be in attendance. The games industry and the visual effects industry have won several coveted awards on the global and local stage, and these will be seen live for the first time, including behind the scenes and walking of presentations. The local domestic animation business has scaled almost two to five times in terms of the number of episodes in production over the past two to three years which is providing the industry a platform to do 3x growth in revenues over the next five years.”

Speaking about the impact of metaverse on the AVGC industry, he said that the AVGC industry itself will inform, aid, abet the journey towards metaverse. According to him there is a confluence of technologies like IoT, Blockchain, Haptics, extended reality and others that are common in creating games, emerging technologies and AR and VR.

“To achieve the potential the metaverse holds out, is to leverage the knowledge of interactivity and real time content creation, which has a 10-year track record in the games business, where both the content creator and the consumer have the ability to play with liquid CG assets in taking the experience to new applications and outcomes,” he further added.

In conclusion he said that the CII’s Summit FX 2022 will present various opportunities where the present media platforms will potentially converge in the alternative universe.

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