Chennai based HappyCloud Studios working on Talkative Tortoise, 26X11 Animated TV Series

With a mission to provide high quality animation content for all mainstream media, including Theatrical, TV, Web & DVD; Chennai based HappyCloud Studios is working on its In-house IP Talkative Tortoise, 26 X 11 CGI. Talkative Tortoise is a humorous  show which orbits around a talkative tortoise that always talks about the environment and educates about global warming. Targeted at the kid audience aged between 6-12 years, this series is bundled with secondary characters, pelican, Crow, Pigeon, Squirrel ,and Fishes. The entire series focuses on the causes on Global Warming and gives solutions to resolve this. HappyCloud studios started working on this TV series in 2009 and the series is currently in its production stages, the show is anticipated for a release on National and International Channels in  2013. Raj Kumar, director of the series, is a Diploma Holder in 3d Animation from Image College of Arts Animation and Technology having worked in several top notch companies since 2005, nullSpeaking to about  the concept of Talkative Tortoise, Raj Kumar shared “Well, I believe ‘Tort’ to be one of my freaky school friends. We thought to develop a series which focuseson nature’s disastrous problems and found global warming to be one of the major issues in the whole lot. Initially, we had in mind to take help of Panchatantra Stories, but then we gradually realized the need to create something new and fresh to justify the concept of Global Warming. We chose tortoise to be the protagonist of the series thinking that a tortoise is build with a hard protective cover and so by instinct he has a mentality to protect himself, and this aspect somewhere drives him to protect his environment also.”  Talkative Tortoise has a friend and a foe in all episodes. Pele a Pelican is a close friend of Tortoise and and the adventures and effort of Tort and Pelican for making a Green City is the most happening aspect of this series. Coming to the Animation Production, HappyCloud Studios have put in immense effort for setting the look of the Talkative Tortoise. About 1 ? Month of R n D has been done for bringing correct the Facial Rig of the Tortoise. The Facial Rig of the Tortoise consists of two hundred face morph targets including the splits and also has BDFS [Bone Driven Face System]. To make the facial movements more software, HappyCloud is taking help of ‘Soft Cache’ plug in. The Production Budget of Talkative Tortoise is 1.37 Million USD and HappyCloud Studios have tied up with a European Distribution Company to distribute the series. The Team Force Behind this series includes Rajkumar, Anita s Raja, Balaganesh, Sanjay Balan and Vinoth Kannan and the series will release in English Language. Highlighting more on Talkative Tortoise, Rajkumar, stated, ‘Tort’ foresees the consequences of the global warming and does things which really need to be done to resolve this issue and TT is a series on delivering entertainment plus environmental education and I believe this aspect is the USP of this series. With working on TT, the entire team at our studio has grown in technical as well as artistic areas.