Charuvi Design Labs ‘Shri Hanuman Chalisa’ to be honored as “Outstanding Indian Design based IP” at Orbit Live- Industry Honours 2014

It is indeed a Happy New Year for Charuvi Design Labs as its animated mythological poetry ‘Shri Hanuman Chalisa’ is set to be honored as “Outstanding Indian Design based IP” at Arena Animation’s ORBIT LIVE – INDUSTRY HONOURS 2014. The movie will be screened at 13thMumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2014 and the 6th Jaipur International Film Festival which takes place in first week of February. CDL has also made a creative announcement that we will read in the later part of the story. Charuvi Agrawal, Founder of CDL and Director of this short, will take home the award on 11th January, at the Second Edition of Orbit Live, set to happen at Mumbai. asks Charuvi Agrawal on her comments on the win and she says, “I’m deeply humbled with this honor. “ Adds more on the factors that she thinks has made the movie to win, “I think it was primarily the unique approach that we had to apply in treating the subject. It was an attempt to integrate mythology, animation and spirituality. Every facet of the film and the installation had to be weaved with a spur of wonder and excitement .Details to the craftsmanship and surreal visualizations were the core of the 3D animated film.” Taking a close look at the official Facebook Fan Page of Shri Hanuman Chalisa: The Film and Exhibition, we not only found encouraging comments from Indian audiences, but also International audiences who are curious to watch the short.  

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Innovative ways of marketing animated movies attract mass audiences and Charuvi looks like a firm believer of this as she has chosen to market the movie in full swing by launching Shri Hanuman Chalisa: The Film and Exhibition that showcases a divine sculpture made of 26,500 bells, which is an interactive installation that tries to invoke Hanuman through worship of Rama and divinity within. Another interactive installation lets you experience the awakening of chakras. And to add to these ideas comes the announcement that CDL has just released limited edition of Hanuman Chalisa Film Book, in which you will see selected pictorials from the animated short. So where do we see the next Shri Hanuman Chalisa: Film and Exhibition, Charuvi says, “We have few cities lined up for the exhibition and are currently finalizing the plan for the entire year. The main highlights are the film, 25 sculpts, 3-4 outsized physical installations, interactive applications and merchandize.” Will the short hit the big screens? Charuvi informs, “There is an immense interest shown from international distributors and independent filmmakers to screen it in theatres abroad, we are trying to work out the feasibility for the same. So things look quite promising so far. Getting noticed for your work and receiving recognition is what every artist aspires for .It’s crucial for building team spirit and motivating them further. “ This year, CDL has some interesting television episodes lined up and currently filtering out scripts for feature length films. “Besides that there is always lot of experimentation happening wherein we challenge ourselves to try different means of emulating effects in animation. We are working on few interesting artworks and interactive pieces as well.” concludes Charuvi.