Cartoon Network APAC gives a nod to ‘Lamput’ S4, ‘Lamput Meets Tuzki’ special and ‘Tom and Jerry’ pilot short

Lamput Meets Tuzki

WarnerMedia owned Cartoon Network is all set to treat its young fans with three new originals, in various stages of development and production, featuring four popular animated icons. These include the development of a short-form Tom and Jerry pilot, which sees for the first time the classic cat-and-mouse duo transplanted to the of Asia-Pacific region. The production of a special, Lamput Meets Tuzki, starring two well-known characters hailing from India and China, which has also commenced, while the network has confirmed that work will soon begin on the fourth season of Lamput.

These announcements come as the second wave of the pandemic has almost gripped the country and schools are being closed again. Commenting on the launches, WarnerMedia head of Kids, APAC, Leslie Lee stated, “Audiences have been laughing at Tom and Jerry’s chase antics for over 80 years. But this is the first time we’re looking at transporting the frenemies to our region, and reimagining their antics in an authentic and distinctly local context. We are working closely with Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank to bring these new adventures to life.”

Leslie Lee

In 2020, the legendary tales of the cat-and-mouse duo were launched in India with a “thought-over” commentary, for the first time in regional languages of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The local-language narration track added another layer of immersive, localized storytelling and was met with a great response from fans.

Lamput Meets Tuzki, on the other other hand, is a seven-minute special that brings together for the first time two legendary WarnerMedia IP created in India and China. Tuzki, the Chinese rabbit, is a hit with young adults and has found a wide following on instant messaging apps, consumer products and through an animated series. In 2018, celebrated Indian fashion designer Manish Arora created a Tuzki-inspired lifestyle collection that premiered at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. The collection was available in China and India, expanding Tuzki’s popularity well beyond its homeland.

Lamput, a gooey orange blob and master of disguise, is an Emmy-nominated Cartoon Network original property born in India. This non-dialogue, slapstick chase comedy by Mumbai-based Vaibhav Studios won the Best Children’s Programme at Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020, for the third time in a row. It was also nominated for an International Kids Emmy award, a first for any Indian production.

Lee continued, “Guided by Carlene Tan, who heads up our original productions for Kids APAC, these two milestone projects are testament to our commitment to authentic storytelling. We look forward to continuing to champion Cartoon Network’s mission to unify our fans through more laughter and even bigger and bolder adventures!”

The Lamput Meets Tuzki special is scheduled for a mid-2021 release and the broadcaster anticipates even more Lamput adventures to come. Cartoon Network Asia Pacific has also greenlit a brand new fourth season of Lamput, which will go into production in the second half of 2021.

Brainstorming session on Lamput at Vaibhav Studios

Speaking on the announcement, Vaibhav Studios founder and Lamput creator and co-director Vaibhav Kumaresh told Animation Xpress, “We are happy that Lamput has been given the honour to facilitate the launch of Tuzki in the animation space along with a nod for another season. It was a good challenge to bring to life a popular icon from the sticker and emoji world and adapt it to the world of Lamput. Director Anand Babu has cooked up another exciting and heartwarming plot for the Lamput & Tuzki special! I’m sure it will be another hit from the Lamput stable and I’m looking forward to its release.”

Details about the new projects follows :

Tom and Jerry APAC short-form pilot

Tom and Jerry as you’ve never seen them before – on the streets of Mumbai to the night markets of Taipei and the Australian outback – all-new adventures of Tom and Jerry are in development to explore every corner of Asia Pacific!

Lamput Special: Lamput Meets Tuzki

Lamput’s been caught! The Docs don’t have much to do now except to give tours to visiting students. Until one of these students, Tuzki specifically, gets lost. Will Tuzki find his way back to class? Not unless Lamput has something to do with it.

Lamput season four

Lamput is a gooey orange substance that escaped from a secret laboratory. Two scientists, Specs Doc and Skinny Doc, are trying their best to catch him. But Lamput, always a master of disguise, escapes right from under their noses!