Cadbury Wowie‘s animated TVC by Famous House of Animation

This is just the thing kids‘ love!

Cadbury‘s new chocolates with Disney characters like Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and Donald embedded on them and an animated TVC which makes them aware of it.

This animation for this latest TVC for Cadbury‘s ‘Wowie‘, has been created by Mumbai based Famous House of Animation.

Speaking to about the TVC, Anil Nair of Famous House of Animation shared, “the highlight of this commercial was that there were Disney character shapes including Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and Donald made out of milky chocolate embedded inside the regular chocolate bar.”

The story for the animated TVC is based on four kids looking for the Disney characters which are missing from the Cadbury Chocolate land. They collect clues from various places and find the characters in the milk clouds and the story progresses to form the ‘Wowie‘ product.

The TVC is completely 3D animated and was produced with 20 artists including visualisers, designers, animators, artists for rigging, modeling, lighting, texturing, compositing, music director, etc, in a span four weeks.

Famous House of Animation Head E. Suresh spoke about the studio‘s philosophy. “Our clients understand the value addition that we bring on board both in terms of content, design and art. In the case of the ‘Wowie‘ TVC, we took the project one point higher in making and the process also enhanced our capacity. One reason for this is that all our team members align to the common goal of excelling in what we do, we push every single resource available to stretch ourselves to achieve what was unachievable four weeks earlier.”

On the same note Suresh continued, “For this we conducted brainstorming sessions, and involved the team to come out with options for everything, so that we have many minds contributing to one common aspiration to deliver a fantastic product and because of that the product enrichment happens automatically. Here in ‘Wowies‘ also, we faced a lot of glitches both technically and conceptually. But as we went along we found solutions for almost everything.”

Suresh concluded, “I think the clients too have to be given full marks here for accommodating and understanding the time it takes to make animation films. So they are equal partners in rejoicing success of our creative endeavors as much as us.”

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