Big Bad Studios to produce new animated series ‘Galapagos X’

Canada-based Big Bad Studios has greenlight the new original animated series Galapagos X with commissioning Canadian broadcasters TVOKids, SRC Radio-Canada, Knowledge Kids and TFO.

The new animated series is directed by Shabnam Rezaei which will highlight the climate change with interesting and empowering stories.

Rezaei said, “With Galapagos X, we hope to give kids fun stories, lots of comedy and practical, everyday tips on ways to prevent future environmental disasters from happening.”

The series’ voice cast will feature Schitt’s Creek star Jennifer Robertson as the voice of power-hungry and oblivious Doc Crock.

Galapagos X focuses on a team of highly skilled kids with connections to the forces of the earth – water, wind, sun and plant life – take on global eco-emergencies with high flying humour. Their goal: opening minds, making change, and keeping the planet healthy and fun-filled. Our heros Orchid, Zeph, Oshie and Rae set off on adventures to solve environmental problems.

According to Animation magazine reports, Galapagos X will be trekking new territory — both literally and figuratively as Big Bad Boo will develop an interactive virtual reality component that sees its audience explore different ecosystems in addition to creating a traditional television series and digital storybook.