Bengaluru International Short Film festival announces winners

The Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (BISFF), the 12th edition, has declared winners from the international, animation, women’s cinema collective and more.

Three short films were recognized under each section with titles – ‘winner’, ‘first runner up’ and ‘second runner up’ with a special mention in some categories for films that were nearly at par with the winners but could not be included.

The Animation short film section had Death And The Winemaker by Victor Jaquier as the winner, Kandittundu by Aditi Krishnadas and The Cave by Jinman Kim and Jiyoung Chon as first runner ups, Run Totti Run by Shad Lee Bradbury as the second runner up.

The International section includes Adopt a Dog by Juan Manuel Barreda as the winner, Murder Tongue by Ali Sohail Jaura as the first runner up and An Encounter by Kelly Campbell as the second runner up.

Short film My heart Is An Ocean by Tanvi Jadwani won under the Women’s Cinema Collective section, with Soulmates by Manya Gadhok as first runner up, Raavi by Jasmine Kaur Roy as second runner up and Swarna by Anusha Rao under special mention.

An Irish Goodbye by Tom Berkeley and Ross White won in the Let’s Include section, with Father Tongue by Ivgeny Gashinsky and Sunshine by Martha Goddard winning first and second runner ups, respectively.

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