BAFTA-winning studio Factory expands its digital division

Factory, the multi-award-winning U.K. animation studio and rights owner, has announced that its expanding its digital animation division, creating several new jobs at its North West headquarters in Altrincham, England.

The expansion comes as a number of innovative series are in production and the team are expanding to service these projects, which include a commission of a new children’s TV show set to begin production this autumn.

The animation studio is an independent, innovative, multi-genre studio working with global clients, broadcasters and partners, delivering world class immersive content to thrill, excite and engage audiences of all ages.

Factory has extensive experience in both multi-genre animation and live action production, delivering visually rich styles that make Factory’s creative content and production values stand out.

The company has produced over 100 hours of animated content since it launched in 2010, all of which feature its digital skills, including Clangers, Scream Street, Off The Leash, Strange Hill High, Newzoids, a 2D readaptation of Sir Michael Morpurgo’s Mimi and the Mountain Dragon for BBC One and three specials for Disney and Club Penguin. BAFTA awarded Clangers with the Best Pre-School Animation Award. Launched on CBeebies in June 2015, Clangers was incredibly well received, immediately hitting number one in the UK’s top children’s programmes.

Factory is committed to developing quality content for all age groups and genres that children and adults alike are enjoying around the world.