Autodesk announces 3DS Max8.0 at SIGGRAPH 05

nullAutodesk, Inc last week announced the launch of 3DS Max 8.0 at SIGGRAPH. The software which is priced for the Indian market at Rs 1,40,900/- is expected to ship around early November. The makers of the popular software have focused on developing 4 specific areas for the new version, including Character Development, Advanced Modeling & Texturing, and Complex Data and Asset Management. Autodesk has also increased the thrust on creating an advanced Comprehensive Development Framework The character animation toolset now comes with integrated Character Development features,advanced rigging tools, motion mixing and motion retargeting (non-linear animation). Modeling & Texturing advancements include new UV pelt mapping that greatly decreases the time and labor required to accurately texture a 3D model, DirectX and .fx support to create real time shaders inside the 3ds Max viewport. The Comprehensive Development Framework delivers improved software developer kit (SDK) tools and documentation, XML support for efficient scene and animation data exchanges, an interactive MAXScript debugger, and support for the Autodesk DWF Viewer, the free, downloadable application that offers review and approval collaboration for 3D data. Another feature is the Autodesk Vault, a full-featured data management and asset tracking solution. Additionally the software continues to support connectivity to third-party, industry-standard asset management systems. Autodesk also has an annual subscription scheme wherein subscribers can upgrade to a newer version of Autodesk software as and when it ships. “The annual subscription fee gives you the budgetary advantage of knowing what you’ve spent on software for the entire year and what you can expect to spend on software next year. All of this comes with a direct link to Autodesk so you’re always connected, informed, and one step ahead” commented an Autodesk spokesperson. The Indian cost for subscription is Rs 19,500/- p.a

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