Ashish S.K. launches new studio ‘Anirights Infomedia’ in Bangalore

Based out of Bangalore, animation professional Ashish S.K. has announced the launch of his new studio Anirights Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. The studio shall focus on creation of Intellectual Property in different formats, high end International Co Productions, Licensing and Merchandising. Anirights will also specialize in the new forms of Entertainment like 4D films, virtual reality, creating immersive experience shows using Animation. Situated at Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore, Anirights currently has a team size of 110 artists and professionals. Interestingly a majority of the team members have a very strong traditional animation foundation and now concentrating on creating fully homegrown TV series and feature films using CG and Flash. Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Ashish S.K.stated, “Anirights was formed in July ’05 and we continued working with a small core team of 7-9 people for the initial 4-5 months. We have expanded and are now officially launched with a team of 110 and the aim being to reach a team size of 250 to 300 professionals by mid ’06” “We will be concentrating on Pre Production, Flash and CG, the major emphasis being on creating intellectual property revolving around select Indian themes that have international appeal in the first phase. Another focus will be in training our existing talent pool to be part of the original content creation team and migration / up-gradation of the team members to have full length CG Feature films. We expect to have 60-70 members in the pre production team. Besides this all our artists who are well experienced in animation production for Television are getting migrated to work on the fully animated feature film that we are working on for International & domestic markets” he further elaborated. Currently Anirights is working on a CG series of 26 episodes x half hour each, a 20-minute 4D virtual reality ride and a fully animated feature film for the Indian market. Besides the projects, Anirights in its efforts at gearing up for continuous animated feature film production has created teams within the company for working on their own short films. “The aim is to get our artists to understand film making as a complete process, remarked Art, Concept & Style Director Vikram PC. One of the teams at the studio has recently completed a 3 minute mixed media short created on the flash platform which Anirights plans to submit into the national and international animation festival circuit. The Co Founder for Anirights T S Suresh shall be in charge of insuring and protecting all the IP and visual content created at the studio. Suresh is advocate and partner at M/S Kings and Partridge with considerable expertise in corporate, patenting and copyright laws.