Arjun:The Warrior Prince & Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya Win at 18th Intl. Children’s Film Festival India

Indian animation stood out at 18th International Children’s Film Festival India with Arnab Chaudhri’s Arjun: The Warrior Prince bagging Golden Elephant trophy for Best Animation Feature- Children’s Jury and Shilpa Ranade’s ‘Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya’ winning the Jury Prize for Best Artwork. The films have won in the International Animation competition category. Arjun: The Warrior Prince first win was FICCI BAF Award inAnimated Feature Film [Theatrical Release] Category. On the victory at Children’s Film Festival, Arnab Chaudhri, Director of the film, says, “I’m thrilled on winning this award! It’s fantastic to see that the movie has been loved by the kid audience.” So after the success of Arjun, what is the next from Arnab Chaudhri? He revealed this exclusively to, “I’m directing and producing a full length mythological animated feature ‘Circle of Fire’ that revolves around mythical character Abhimanyu.” ‘Circle of Fire’ is set for delivery in 2016. Arnab adds more here, “We started working on the movie about 6 months ago and it is currently in its Pre Production stage.” This fest’s opening film ‘Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya’ swept 500 kid audiences off their feet. This award comes as a second one, for the maker Shilpa Ranade, as earlier this month the feature was honored with the Asifa India’s Award of Excellence. We chatted with Director Shilpa Ranade to understand what made it win the Best Artwork Award and she says, “The story line of the movie has a complete new world, color setting, is filled with humor and has quirky characters and sets.”