Ares Films acquires rights to Dessin Works Chip N Stolly

Here is some good bit of news that ought to motivate mid sized Indian studios considering their own IP!
A still from Chip N Stolly
In a deal which was recently finalised, France based Ares Films has acquired rights to Dessin Works’ 2D animated caper Chip N Stolly. The rights are for a period of 10 years and cover France and all French territories. Speaking exclusively to Animation ‘xpress Pierre Mtais GM Arres Films said that, “First of all, during all the past years we have been working with different countries for the animation, such as Japan, Korea, China, Canada and USA. So when we have seen the apparition of India on the market we were interested by new perspectives” He further added,”The visit we made last year to Dessin Work facilities in Chennai has convinced us that this company and their talented team had reached an international quality level. Chip N Stolly is fresh, cute , exciting and children will love it (my daughters are big fans of Chip n Stolly).Of course we are going to adapt it in French in order to meet the special French broadcasters requirements as we do with all our animations. The markets in France for this kind of preschool programs are the kids’ specialised channels, as Canal J, Teletoon, Jetix and others. We hope to be on air next year, and we plan to work in a closer way with Dessin Works sharing our mutual experiences and skills” concluded Pierre. Dessin Works Director Rajini C said that,”We are very happy that we were able to break through, and are grateful to TPI, USA, for being with us. We have delivered the first set of 13 episodes and are in the process of completing the next 13 which shall be delivered by August 05″ Chip N Stolly is a story of Chip, a new kid in town and his friendly neighbor Stolly who’s a professional inventor with the mind of an eight year old. The pre production for the series has been done in collaboration with creative talents from the U.S.A. While the story is co written by Padma Nagarajan(India)and Julia Fairley(US), the voicing has been managed by US based voice cast director Anthony Reece . The creative director for the show is Dessin Works director Cleford Raj. Having recieved a shot in the arm with the acquisition of its show, Dessin Works has already begun development work on its next IP Space Stage. Targeting the teenage demo, the pre production for Space Stage which is a 2D cartoon series will be done in the west. “This is a very original concept, where theatre plays an important role. It is a 30th century space comedy and adventure” informs Rajini. There is no dearth of creative ideas and concepts in India, nor is there any dearth of funds to create IP, what lacks is conviction. Developments such as these (acquisition of Indian produced IP by an international buyer) will go a long way in helping turn the tide!