Arena Animation, Jayanagar with its new Animation-Mix movie “We are the world”

Production of oil painting Animation
Arena Animation Jayanagar Bangalore one of the schools that takes its commitment to make short films very seriously is at it again. This time the center and its students have explored mix media to create a short film entitled “We are the World” involving oil painting animation, cutout animation,  sand animation, clay animation and pixelation animation etc. As is self explanatory by the name of the film, the concept revolves around depicting various cultures and the diversity…Leading to themessage that despite various forms, cultures anddifferences we all make up one world. The color key of the film also changes moods depicting the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether that all creation is made of. The message isOneness, caring about our world and making it worthy of being passed on to our future. Chiranjit Ghosh, Creative Head at Arena Animation Jayanagar shared,“We are using Oil Paint medium in African culture. For this purpose “OLD MAN AND THE SEA” (Oil paint animation film) was our best inspiration. Using Animation-mix was absolutely a film designing part. When we started thinking about its execution, we felt that the best way to show different culture is to use different medium for each culture.”
Combination of Mix Media
The film is directed by Chiranjit Ghosh, produced by Indira Gupta and animated by Amit Debnath, Saptak Paul, Maglin Venu, Biplab Dey and Imran R.A. The entire production work is done under Jayanagar Arena Animation Incubation studio with approximately 3 months of preproduction and post production work. The film is made with the aid of software like Photoshop, Flash, After effects, Premiere, Sound forge, Adobe Audition, 3D Maya. Talking about the difficulty in developing the film, Chiranjit Ghosh, said that, “Oil Painting animation was the first challenge for us. It was the first time we were doing it. But each frame maintained with color animation was a really an amazing experience. The next challenge was Sand animation. The film includes one Chinese dragon shot which was a unique one, as well as a tough experience for us. The last obstacle was to deal with a shot which included 3-4 cutout character animation sequences, one of the most challenging jobs, but we enjoyed it a lot. Animation- mix was truly an amazing experience.” Arena Animation, Jayanagar is also dealing with its next project named “PALL BILL WILL” which is almost at the end stage of post production. This is a clay animation movie with miniature set design and with green screen shooting. Some of its previous films in 2d Classical include Follow me and Maharaja international bank, 3D films like NodoAvhimanu-the legend and Fioresta and experimental movies like The Magic Pot(Cutout Animation), Rag Pickers (Pixelation Animation) and Incredible India (Light Animation).