Annecy and Mifa 2022 wraps it’s record-breaking edition, sets the tone for 2023 with Mexico in the limelight

Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Mifa 2022 after an intensive, exceptional, and sweltering week wrapped up with garnering a record-breaking attendance with 13,248 attendees, partners, professionals, and institutions coming from 106 countries. The total attendees included 4300 MIFA attendees, 2764 students, 975 pass ground public, 297 buyers and 314 journalists. 

In addition there were 300 screenings with 50,000 spectators for the open-air screenings on Le Pâquier and 165 events and professional meetings. The XR@Annecy programme had 13 events, supported by Unity Technologies and the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The video library has a total of 400 contents.

Top five most viewed films in the official selection:

Amok – Hungary, Romania – short film – directed by Balázs Turai

backflip – Germany, France – short film – directed by Nikita Diakur

Hysteresis – Germany – short film – directed by Robert Seidel

Anxious Body – France, Japan – short film – directed by Yoriko Mizushiri

Bottle Cap – USA – short film – directed by Marco Spier, Marie Hyon

The best of Annecy 2022 can be viewed at their website’s photo gallery and social media handles. A ceremony in which 22 official awards and distinctions were presented by six juries: discover the award winners

During the same evening, Director Guillermo del Toro, originally from Guadalajara, announced to the audience that Mexican animation will take pride of place in 2023, and in the presence of the Mexican Ambassador in France, Madame Blanca Elena Jiménez Cisneros. 

“Mexican animation is little known and deserves to be the focus of a great National overview. Over the last 20 years, discerning moviegoers have discovered works from incredible short film directors: René Castillo, Karla Castañeda, Sofía Carrillo, Rita Basulto, Andrea Robles Jiménez, and Aria Covamonas. It’s time for the international animation film community to take a closer look at the country who has also given us some of the major creators of contemporary live-action filmmaking,” said artistic director Marcel Jean.

“Paying tribute to Mexican animation indicates the long and intense collaboration with this country’s artists, professionals, and students. An extensive umbrella within the Market will welcome the delegation’s professionals and collaborating directly with all the Mexican industry’s players will produce a rich and diverse programme to highlight the vitality and creativity of this country and its artists,” said Mifa head Véronique Encrenaz.

Mexico supersedes Switzerland who were the subject of an extensive retrospective in 2022. The Annecy Festival’s 47th edition will be held from 12-17 June 2023.

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