Anima Festival 2021 wraps its first online edition successfully

Anima, the Brussels International Animation Festival, had a successful virtual edition (owing to the pandemic) in 2021, from 12 to 21 February. 

The Anima Online platform offered its attendees with a content of some 276 videos available. It attracted nearly 6,000 users and exceeded 130,000 streams, the entire team is elated to announce. 

This completely online 40th edition was able to promote animation even more widely by reaching new audiences. This can be seen through the increase in the Flemish public (especially in Ghent and Antwerp), people in rural areas, families with small children and all those unable to make the trip to Brussels or other decentralised sites.

The Festival was able to bypass the barriers of social distancing and go beyond in discovering the programme on the online platform, with affordable package deals giving viewers the opportunity to venture into the diverse content on offer. However, even though festival goers have clearly shown they would like to keep a platform for all the reasons mentioned above, the regular and new Anima public is still very eager to come back into the theatres and find the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the festival.

Results are also positive as far as the Anima team is concerned, with a successful transition to 100 per cent digital and many lessons learned along the way. This compulsory move has enabled the organisers to take a technological leap forward and no longer fear any challenges that may present themselves in the future. 

Festival directors Dominique Seutin and Karin Vandenrydt stated, “We are so looking forward to presenting our programme in theatres, promoting meetings and sharing ‘in person’. We are already thinking about organising special screenings once theatres are open!” added.

The Anima team extends its gratitude to one and all for all their support and encouragement, during this time.

The next Anima Festival is slated to happen from 25 February to 6 March 2022.