Andhra Pradesh Govt. interested in animation

Has the animation industry finally managed to impress the powers that be?
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Dr.Y S Rajasekhara Reddy
With the increasing popularity of 3D animation, the massive usage of bandwidth for FTP, rendering demands, coding for graphics and the like, Nasscom’s involvement with animation is on the rise. NASSCOM coming in means that the IT angle in animation gains ground. Where there is IT, will the governments of IT Hotspot states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka stay behind? Addressing the large gathering of delegates from the animation industry at Nasscom organised and AP government sponsored Animation India 2005 summit, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy expressed the AP Government’s desire to create a conducive environment for flourishment of the animation industry. “The state is contemplating to start an animation academy in Hyderabad. If we really want this industry to grow then it is essential that we tap all the human resources, which include urban as well as rural” said Dr Reddy. “Animation industry worldwide is substantially large and is around Rs 64,000 crore. For India to be prominent on the map, it is essential from the Government’s side to provide the right infrastructure like low cost housing, low cost studios, low cost quality power and congenial environment. AP Government is ready to provide all these facilities to the animation industry so that the world recognises us as the next hub for animation” added Dr. Reddy. For the animation industry, the AP government’s interest is a welcome one. Speaking to Animation ‘xpress P Raghuveer, additional secretary to the Andhra Pradesh Government, Information Technology and Communications said ,” There is great employment scope for people in the rural areas. The demand for manpower is huge. Studios in Hyderabad alone have 400 vacancies. Starting salaries in animation are close to Rs 6,000 to Rs 6,500 and once you gain experience and are good it could go upto Rs 35,000. This is a great opportunity for talented individuals from rural areas to make progress” “This thought process began at the Youth employment forum in 2003 where they discussed the topic of “Is IT employment only for the urban?” he added. “In probably next 12 months we will see a lot of things happening in that direction?” concluded Raghuveer.
Principal secy to AP govt., IT & Communications , Dr. J C Mohanty
Earlier on, speaking at the start of the second day’s morning session at Animation India ’05,Principal secretary to the Andhra Pradesh Government, Information Technology and communications, Dr. J C Mohanty said that, “We have set up a think tank. We have tentatively decided to start an animation academy. We will meet every 15 days. The industry has to work with the Govt, but more effort has to be put from the industry” Other sources within the animation industry who are close to the AP government say that the Govt. has mulled the creation of an Animation City. However it’s a waiting game now to see whether the AP govt gets its plans into action mode.