Adult Swim releases a surprise new trailer of ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5

Putting an end to the wait, Rick and Morty is back with another trailer. The show treated fans recently with another trailer for season five. Even though fans were expecting that it will take long before another trailer is out, Rick and Morty gave a pleasant surprise to the netizens with what they’d been hoping for. This new trailer is getting fans buzzing with anticipation for season five well in advance before the big premier swims into focus.

To mark its return on 20 June, this is the third full trailer that Adult Swim has released for the fifth season of the series. Rick and Morty will be coming back for ten episodes, and Adult Swim confirms that it will be airing all in one shot here. Instead of breaking up the season into two parts like for the fourth season, it looks like we’re getting a full line-up of new episodes this Summer. 

In typical fashion, the Rick and Morty season five trailer is filled with glimpses of some of the many outrageous adventures Rick and Morty will embark on this season! From the arrival of a strange, horny ocean man to the return of a beloved character, the trailer is filled with teases of what is to come in the new season.

To add to the excitement, Rick and Morty are set to branch off with a new spin-off series focusing on The Vindicators. To be churned out as a set of shorts online with a run of eight to 10 episodes planned, this new spin-off is currently scheduled for a debut sometime this year or in 2022. Rick and Morty Season Five debuts on Adult Swim on 20 June at 11:00 pm EST.