Adult Swim brings Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Primal’ season two action-packed trailer

The second season of Adult Swim’s frantically violent, animated action-adventure series, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, has just received a new trailer. 

The show will be returning to Adult Swim later this month, and will also be available to stream on HBO Max. Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is an acclaimed series that is set in a hypnotic prehistoric-like society and follows the symbiotic relationship between a Neanderthal and a Tyrannosaurus as they roam through their strange world just trying to survive. Aaron LaPlante provides almost all the show’s voices. The series was notable in its first season for seamlessly combining many genres including action, adventure, drama, fantasy, horror, and thriller.

The trailer begins with blurbs for Primal season one, and then we see some glimpses of season two action. Since the cuts are quick and Primal is (with the exception of some Neanderthal grunts by lead voice actor Aaron LaPlante) mostly dialogue-free, it’s not always easy to parse what is going on in this trailer. We see Spear fighting other cavemen and taking some arrows in the back while Fang gets slashed by claws. There are images of them at sea,shots of them on a raft, on a boat, and evading a Megalodon underwater, and we also see a couple of thrones, one of which is occupied by a huge fire demon.

Primal won three Emmy Awards for its first half-season and another two for its second half-season, and it has received no shortage of critical acclaim. Tartakovsky had quite the animation pedigree before this, having created Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack and developed Star Wars: The Clone Wars for television, among other things. When it comes to films, he’s known for helming the first three entries in the Hotel Transylvania series, which just wrapped up this year with a fourth and final installment, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania.

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