Adimaya Animations develops 2 new titles- Stainz and The Abnoxious Slurrrrps

Bangalore based, Adimaya Animations are developing two new titles- Stainz and The Abnoxious Slurrrrps. Both the titles are webisodes of about 60-120 seconds designed to be aired soon on television and web. Stainz is targeted for urban audiences of all age-groups and The Abnoxious Slurrrps are targeted at kids in the 5-10 years age group. The scripting, story-boarding and pre-production process is underway for both the projects and currently 10 artists are involved in the various stages of the process. The entire projects are designed with the aid of Maya. Talking to, when asked about the project Mallikarjun, Managing Director, Adimaya Animations said, “There is no limit to what you can achieve with animation and VFX today. Our expertise in the field allows us to take an absolutely odd subject like simple stains or gooey stuff from runny noses and turn it into delightful stories. The USP of these concepts is that they are being designed for the global market and have strong influences from cultures across the world. Both these ideas transcend cultural and social borders. The idea is to take Indian story telling beyond the current offering of mythology and such, and establish ourselves as a serious international content player. As an animation company we believe we are primarily story tellers. Stainz and The Abnoxious Slurrrps are a result of brain storming sessions with Veeville who is one of our strategic partners for content development.” According to Mallikarjun, while developing these projects there were two critical challenges faced. One was the stories themselves and then the technical difficulties. “Since the format is very short the task was to work hard to make sure every single episode has something new to offer and the second task was the technical issue. Unlike many other series, my shows (Stainz and The Abnoxious Slurrrrps) have characters with no specific form. With the form constantly changing, every stage of the animation process becomes a challenge”, shared Mallikarjun. Apart from Stainz and The Abnoxious Slurrrrps, Adimaya Animations is currently working on a VFX project for a music video and have also designed stories inspired by the Panchatantra for kids. Their work is included in different segments like architecture, internal communication, promotional video, corporate profiles, training and commercials. They have even executed a project for World Health Organization (WHO).