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February 8-2012
Charuvi Design Labs develops Madhubani styled CG TV Spots for TERI

Charuvi Design Labs Pvt Ltd (CDL), a creative design studio based out of New Delhi, recently contributed to two CG animated TV spots for 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) which is organized annually by The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI). TERI is an international undertaking that provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development.

Speaking to, Charuvi P. Agarwal, Art Director of CDL, says, “TERI was directly involved with us. They provided us the script, rest the entire conceptualization, character designing and execution of the commercial was managed by us.”

“For years I have been experimenting with different Indian art styles and after discussing the main idea of the film with TERI, Madhubani art seemed to be the right choice and hence became the ball point to experiment. After the scripts were drafted for both commercials we conducted an extensive character and concept designs. We developed designs of different animals and landscape inside the painting on the basis of patterns often seen in Madhubani. Once the looks of the spots were approved, we quickly figured out a way to bring them to life in a unique 3D animation style using Maya”, she further adds.

CDL had about 7 artists working on the project for a month. After a three week grind handling the character and environment development, the team cracked through the first and second spots in a week and a half each; a three-day edit perfected the comedic timing and tone they had worked toward from the beginning.

About the challenges faced Charuvi asserts, “Usually deadlines and retakes are the most crucial and strenuous part of any project especially a commercial. But at the same time the mental pressure and excitement of developing a concept to an art work has its own perks. Any concept developed digitally in 2d or on a piece of paper is far easier to achieve then translate the same into a moving life. Plus the style we had to achieve and maintain all throughout, took it to a different level of complexity”.

The commercials were aired on NDTV in mid January and played throughout the entire summit of Global Commons which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India. The basic motive behind these TV commercials was to encourage people to apply and participate in the summit or have awareness about the summit’s core concern which is Global Commons. Global Commons are that which no one person or state may own or control and which is central to life.

Besides these CG animated commercials, CDL is currently focusing on finishing the long awaited IP “Shri Hanuman Chalisa”. It is a complete CG project, with realistic stereoscopic look to it. This trailer was showcased last year in SIGGRAPH 2011 Vancouver, Pixel6 (Vienna) and III International Film Festival 2011 at FIX Cali University.