November 11-2016
Workshops reign over the first day of NGDC 2016

NASSCOM Game Developers Conference (NGDC) 2016 kicked off yesterday at Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Being arguably the most sought after game developers event in the country, NGDC looked to be quite promising on the first day of its 8th edition.

After the initial wave of registrations, the scheduled sessions commenced in various sections, simultaneously. The major chunk of the day’s schedule was based on workshops, where enthusiasts flocked in an attempt to learn the tricks and trades of the genre from industry veterans.

While there were a plethora of workshops going on simultaneously, none of them had any empty seat. From the ‘Master Class on Game Design’ by Mark Skaggs from Moonfrog Studios to the ‘Serious Games-The Origin Story’, each one of them were filled up in jiffy.


Participants were not only being shown on how things are created, but in many instances, small teams were created and were asked to make something based on what they had just seen. During the Serious Games session, the attendees were made into small groups and asked to come up with a concept on how to create a game which will appeal to the discussed agenda.

After the brief lunch break, the sessions resumed with same flare. John Sietsma from Unity took on the lead and demonstrated step by step on how to make ‘Viking Quest’ in Unity, followed by questions and queries from the audience.

The attendees did not inhibit themselves from networking with other professionals from the industry. Although the first day was an extremely fruitful one for the people who wanted to attend the workshops, most of the major panels and discussions are planned for the second and the third day and we will keep you updated on the happenings.