March 17-2020
Twitch viewership increases as coronavirus fear continues

As coronavirus fear continues more people are forced inside the four walls of their homes with nothing particular to do. So people have taken to watching live stream of their favorite streamers to effectively kill time and fight boredom and this resulted spike in streaming platforms according to Talkesports.

According to Stream Hatchet data, the hours watched on twitch has grown significantly since November with a massive spike of 10 per cent in February. In the last few weeks, Twitch has seen a massive 14 per cent rise in its hours watched as compared 11 March  to 17 March back in 2019. On its twitter post, Stream Hatchet announced, “We’ve seen a 10 per cent increase in the platforms audience since November 2019 and a 10 per cent  increase YoY.”

Since major gaming events and esports tournaments are cancelled, Twitch is booming with content creators churning out content for the people who are currently forced to stay indoors. The release of COD-Warzone during this period has been a cherry on top of the cake as it seems to be the current hub for Twitch viewer engagement.

In addition to that even Steam has counted a record-breaking 20 million concurrent users (as counted by SteamDB—20,313,451 to be precise), with 6.2 million of those people in-game.

A month ago we were all being very impressed when Steam hit 19 million concurrents, to put that number in perspective. And as for the 6.2 million in game, there were almost a million more players in-game back on New Year’s Day 2018 when PUBG was the shiny new thing. At the moment CS:GO is the game at the top of the Steam charts, and away from Steam it’s Call of Duty: Warzone that’s drawing in big numbers, with 15 million players in its first week. Looking at Steamcharts, you can see other upward swings for other games in recent days from Rainbow Six: Siege to DOTA 2.