October 12-2017
SET India launches extensive VFX-heavy promo of One Life Studios’ ‘Porus’

SET India has released a two-minute promo of Swastik Productions’ (known internationally as One Life Studios) upcoming historical drama Porus.

The synopsis for the video goes like this: Alexander – the world’s greatest conqueror and Porus – India’s most spirited defender, were born on the same day in two different continents, with two different ideologies.

What will happen when these two warriors meet in the battlefield?

The trailer shows elaborate sets, distinct pictures of the Indian and Macedonian landscapes, massive fortresses and palace halls, and huge scale battles. It ends with a VFX-heavy shot of Alexander invading India with his fleet of ships by waterways.

The show brings to Indian TV, refreshing and catchy visuals, those that you’d look forward to with bated breath.

The promo also gives us a first look of the great kings, Alexander and Puru.

Porus is set to launch on Sony TV in India soon.