July 17-2017
Russia and China partner for first animated co-production

Krosh, one of the two main characters in ‘Krosh and Panda’

Russia’s Riki, producer of the animated franchise Kikoriki, is teaming up with China’s CCTV to produce the countries’ first Russian-Chinese animation series Krosh and Panda.

The new 3D animated kids’ series consisting of two main characters, a panda and a rabbit, will form a part of the wider joint media project initiated, following a recent intergovernmental agreement on film production between the two countries.

From the production point of view, Riki Group will be responsible for the project’s creative work including including script writing, elaboration of characters and location while the Chinese specialists will look after the animation part.

Both sides will handle the post-production to create Chinese and Russian versions of the series which consists of 12 52-minute episodes produced over the next 18 months.

The first episode of Krosh and Panda will come out in approximately six months in both languages- Russian and Chinese, Riki Group international distribution VP Diana Yurinova said. She also added that the series will have an English translation as well.

“The project aims to combine the most popular animated characters amongst children and family audiences in Russia and China and can become a symbol of development and strengthening of collaboration in art and culture between the two countries, also attracting interest of wide viewership both in Russia and China,” Riki Group said in a press release.