September 29-2017
Online Rummy Sites : 12 Things you need to Check before you Start Playing

Traditionally, rummy has been the game of choice for people when it came to entertainment. Rummy till a couple of years ago was limited to neighbourhoods, family functions, get together etc. With the entry of the online rummy and mobile rummy, the perception of playing rummy has changed totally. Today, rummy is available 24×7 online. Play rummy on mobile, things have become even more interesting.

However, what looks rosy may not be true. In the name of fun and entertainment, many unauthorised rummy sites are taking the gullible players for a ride. Here’s a round-up of important things that need to be checked before you start playing with any rummy site.

Check for the authenticity of the website

Check these factors and get convinced before you start playing rummy.

  1. Registered website: Play with certified or licensed websites only. Read reviews of rummy sites in India before you start playing. These reviews written by experts give an unbiased view of the site.
  2. SSL encryption: Ensure the website has an SSL encryption to secure the financial details that you may share with the website.
  3. Payment gateway: Check for a safe and secure payment gateway. Reputed and established rummy sites in addition to providing secure payment gateway, they also provide multiple payment options for players to make payments – either through cards like debit/ credit cards or online transfers.
  4. User base: Best rummy sites in India have a genuine user base. The number of registered users, number of active players and stats like the mobile app downloads are indicators of the authenticity of those websites.
  5. RNG Certification: Genuine online rummy sites display their Random Number Generator (RNG) certification on their websites for the viewing of the visitors. This serves as a conclusive proof.
  6. Free registration: All the major rummy sites provide free registration for the players and also with options of playing free and cash rummy.

Check for game related aspects

  1. Easy registration: A simple and easy registration process is part of enhancing user experience. Hence, go with those online rummy sites which do not have a cumbersome registration process.
  2. Game variants: Although not directly involved, but offering diverse game variants are an added feature that will add to your overall gaming experience.
  3. Gaming experience: Innovative themes, interesting avatars and features like 2D/ 3D tables will make the game more interesting. Hence, get more information on the gaming experience.
  4. Customer support: Online rummy sites provide superior customer support by means of chat, email and call facility. Especially when you have issues regarding payments or withdrawals, a good customer support team will be ease out the issues.
  5. Promotions & rewards: As a regular feature and sometimes as an exclusive promotion, established rummy sites offer interesting promotions and rewards. Check them too.
  6. Blogs, videos & tutorials: Most of the popular rummy sites offer blogs, video and tutorials as learning aids to help players to play rummy on both laptop and mobile.

Final Call

On having verified the site for the above parameters, start playing rummy on mobile and download rummy app on mobile and enjoy both fun and rewards too.