January 4-2020
New and returning TV premiers are all set to heat up your winter

We have stepped into the new age, the year 2020, and the year is set to be the harbinger of animation and VFX-jaw droppers across all segments, giving us a lot of content to ruminate on. Here’s the upcoming content to look out for :-

The Owl House

January 1
Doctor Who, Season 11 (BBC America) January 4
Sesame Street, Season 50B (HBO) January 5
77th Annual Golden Globe Awards (NBC)

January 6
Infinity Train, Season 2 (Cartoon Network)

January 9
The Good Place, Season 4B (NBC) — Final season.

January 10
The Owl House (Disney Channel) — Series premiere.

January 12
25th Annual Critics’ Choice Award (The CW)
The Outsider (HBO) — New Stephen King-inspired drama.

January 14
Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts (Netflix) — Series premiere.

January 15
The Magicians, Season 5 (Syfy)

January 16
Legacies, Season 2B (The CW)
Supernatural, Season 15B (The CW) — Final season.

January 17
Charmed, Season 2B (The CW)

January 18
It’s Pony (Nickelodeon) — Series premiere.

January 19
Batwoman, Season 1B (The CW)
Supergirl, season 5B (The CW)

January 20
The Adventures of Paddington (Nickelodeon) — Series premiere.
Black Lightning, Season 3B (The CW)

January 21
Arrow, Season 8B (The CW) — Final season.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 5 (The CW)

January 23
The Dead Lands (Shudder) — TVNZ co-production based on the award-winning 2014 action film.
Star Trek: Picard (CBS All Access) — New sci-fi drama starring Patrick Stewart.

January 24
The Forgotten Army (Amazon Prime) — New Indian WWII epic directed by Kabir Khan.

January 26
62nd Annual Grammy Awards (CBS)

February 4
The Flash, Season 6B (The CW)

February 7
Locke & Key (Netflix) — New horror-drama based on the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rogriguez.

February 9
92nd Annual Academy Awards (ABC)

February 16
Duncanville (Fox) — Series premiere.
Outland, Season 5 (Starz)
War of the Worlds (Epix) — U.S. premiere.

February TBA
Pinkalicious & Peterrific, Season 2 (Disney Channel)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 7 (Disney +)

March 16
Roswell, New Mexico, Season 2 (The CW)

Midseason TBA
The 100, Season 7 (The CW)
The Great North (Fox) — Series premiere.
The Orville, Season 3 (Hulu) — Platform debut.
The Walking Dead: World Beyond (AMC) — Series premiere.

We hope the list of series and specials will make your year special!