January 23-2019
‘Marvel Team-Up’ relaunching in April centering around Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel

Marvel’s one of the most iconic series, Marvel Team-Up is all set to make a return in April. Writer Eve Ewing is going to relaunch the series with a Spider-Man centric storyline accompanied by Ms. Marvel aka the soon-to-be cinematic hero known as Captain Marvel.

As Marvel puts it- After a science demonstration at Empire State University goes awry, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man find themselves tangled up in the same chaotic adventure. So is it destiny? Or disaster?!

As told to Chicago Tribune, Ewing who also pens Ironheart for Marvel said, “I don’t want to reveal too much, but my goal with the story is to have maximum fun with two characters that are both really sweet and really cool people who are fan favorites (and faves of mine), and to put them both in some delightful awkward and uncomfortable situations where they have to stretch to the limits of their abilities.”

Marvel is possibly giving Ms. Marvel a promotion, with the announcement that she will soon star in a third ongoing comic book series, which will introduce her to the rest of the Marvel comic book universe. The character, whose secret identity is high school student Kamala Khan, will star in a new version of Marvel Team-Up, a superhero series that originally launched in 1972.

Ewing added, “I mean, they’re just two characters I adore and think are so fun. I’m enjoying getting into each of their heads and working through their strengths, weaknesses, anxieties, and challenges.”  

This title is the latest example of Marvel using the Khan character, who is also central to the Marvel Rising multi-platform campaign to gain younger fans for Marvel properties alongside Squirrel Girl, as a potential outreach tool to new audiences.

With art by Joey Vazquez, the first arc of the new ongoing tale will see Khan and Parker take on the eponymous task as the magnificent new series begins!