June 13-2018
Marvel brings back ‘The Unstoppable Wasp’ to comics this fall

Marvel has announced the return of The Unstoppable Wasp to the comic universe with an ongoing series to be released this fall.

Written by Jeremy Whitley and art by Gurihiru, the new series will focus on current Wasp, Nadia van Dyne teaming up with original Wasp Janet van Dyne, her stepmother and the Agents of G.I.R.L (Genius In action Research Lab) to investigate a mysterious connection between her father, Hank Pym and the super-scientist group A.I.M.

Whitley who wrote the original Unstoppable Wasp series that ran for eight issues and ended in August 2017, told Marvel.com that the first series was about bringing the team together, while the upcoming one will be about seeing them in action. “They’re science ladies having science adventures! All of our Agents of G.I.R.L. are back, and they’re all on the same mission: to change the world through science. They’re also going to be Nadia’s back-up in the field in ways that are new to this volume. It’s always useful to have four of the smartest scientists in the world in your earpiece, but we’ve got a few other ways for them to get in on the action.”

With Ant-Man and the Wasp arriving in theaters in less than a month, Marvel is releasing a limited-run Ant-Man & The Wasp comic book series and there’s certainly no better time for the current Wasp to be brought into the spotlight in a regular series. With all these releases, it’s especially fitting for a series that connects to the character’s history and features Janet van Dyne, who we finally saw good photos of from the film last week.

Source: Marvel.com

Whitley further added “The comic will share a goal with the first series in having Nadia’s adventures combine the young and vibrant part of the current Marvel Universe with the heritage and fun of the Marvel Universe that she inherits from her family tree. Between Janet, Hank, Scott, Cassie, and Jarvis, Nadia has a ton of Avengers history around her. Also, Mockingbird’s sticking around as a mentor in the lab, so count on some killer chemistry and things getting hit with sticks!”

The Unstoppable Wasp #1 will be available from 3 October. 

Source: Marvel.com