December 5-2017
Intel brings ‘StarCraft II’ tournament at PyeongChang ahead of Olympic Winter Games 2018

Intel Extreme Masters PyeongChang qualifiers kicks off for the West Asia region tomorrow, 6 December 2017. So if you are from India and would like to try your hands on the qualifiers, now’s your chance.

Blizzard’s StarCraft II, which is now free to play, has been chosen for the tournament and you can register online and play the open qualifiers on 6 December. You can check the website of ESL for more information on how to register.

While esports is still distant from being considered an official sport for the Olympics, Intel has associated with International Olympic Committee and will be bringing the tournament as a special showcase right before the Winter Olympics 2018 at PyeongChang in South Korea. Ubisoft’s officially licensed Olympic Winter Games title, Steep Road to the Olympics will also be featured during the event.

The games would be available for attendees to try out at the Olympic village during the event.

The winner/s from each region will be representing their respective regions at the grand finals in South Korea.

Blizzard’s famed RTS, StarCraft II, is one of the most celebrated esports titles, which was recently announced as free to play during the latest edition of Blizzcon.