September 26-2014
Indian Animation industry readies to take MIPCOM 2014 by storm

The year’s most anticipated global market for entertainment content event – MIPCOM – is back again. Every October, the animation industry’s major players get an opportunity of transforming their four days of meetings, screenings and conferences into deals, from blockbuster programming to ground breaking partnerships. got in touch with a lucky few who are jetting off to MIPCOM 2014 soon to know more about their plans.

“AVCGI with the help of the government is helping all the people from the animation industry to participate in MIPCOM this year. We are not pertaining to a specific state studio; I want to present all the animation, comic and gaming studios as one Indian industry. Our agenda is to elevate all the stakeholders. I helped them all with safe registration and Visa, anyone who wants to attend it or wants to pitch in any idea is always welcome,” explained AVCGI’s Polina Ramakrishna (commonly known as RK).

MIPCOM is also known as the epicentre of the new media landscape. “I visit MIPCOM on a regular basis. It is a great platform for people like us. This time I’ am looking for co-production projects. I will be meeting and sharing my ideas with all the people present there. We will be showcasing one live-action and one animation feature film along with a 3D animation TV series. It is very difficult to catch people, so I am hoping this year it will help me in getting more distributors for our project,” revealed YUVA Animation studio’s Adabala Satyanarayana Murthy.

One of the major attractions at MIPCOM this year is also EntertainmentOne’s (eOne) exclusive preview of the forthcoming event mini-series, The Book of Negroes.

Entertainment creative icon Simon Cowell will give a keynote interview in the Grand Auditorium of the Palais des Festivals. Jill Wilfert, Vice President, Global Licensing and Entertainment, Lego Group will be holding a session on the success of the Lego movie, called ‘Turning toy bricks into screen hits’.

IACG Animations’ Karthick Chiraa has a different purpose this year. “I am going this year not only to build network for the Indian comic Industry but also to help our students learn from the global market as a whole. Therefore I will be showcasing my students’ work at this MIPCOM; they have made few games for Android and iOS, and I want people from various universities to do student exchange programme with us, so that our students can learn and exchange their ideas on VFX, film-making and animation. I am looking forward to tie-up with renowned universities for the same,” he exclaimed.

And finally we had Pioneer channel factory’s Aaron Mascarenhas coming on record to state: “I have been going to MIPCOM for the past four years and it has been a good journey so far. We are looking out for licensing new international content this year for a new channel.”

Well it certainly seems the Indian Animation industry is all geared up to take this year’s MIPCOM by storm. would like to wish the Indian delegate the very best and hope they manage to spread the awareness of the progress made by our industry and at the same time share their learnings from other countries with fellow industry members.