January 25-2017
Former Disney Infinity developer, Avalanche Software revived by Warner Bros.

It’s been a while since Disney pulled shutters down of  its in-house development studio, Avalanche Software, and released a comprehensive schedule of how its toys-to-life game Disney Infinity would cease production.

Now, after a while Avalanche Software seems to have been resurrected by Warner Bros., the latter stated in a press release. The studio will be working under the umbrella of Warner Bros. but will be sporting almost the same team as it did back with Disney. The unit will be helmed by CEO, John Blackburn.

The freshly revived studio is working on Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 game, of which not much is known, apart from the fact that it would be available on consoles.

“We are excited to once again be working with the Avalanche team, who have a deep understanding of the Disney Pixar DNA, and a history of translating our stories into great gaming experiences,” Disney consumer products, vice president, Kyle Laughlin said in an official statement.

Along with Avalanche Studios, Warner Bros. has also acquired Avalanche’s Octane game engine which fuelled the Disney Infinity series. It will now be used to create videogame tie-in for Cars 3.

‘Cars’ is one of the most beloved franchises from Disney and the third edition of the movie was recently teased, with a teaser-trailer, where things seem to go dark, as opposed to its kid-friendly image.

Cars 3 is slated for a 16 June, 2017 release.