April 21-2017
Facebook attempts to merge virtual reality and social media with the beta launch of ‘Spaces’

A few years back Facebook acquired Oculus, one of the premier virtual reality (VR) technologies, but not many people were sure how the company was going to implement it. Now, a lot of speculations can be put to rest as the social media giant has revealed its first VR integration into the platform.

Dubbed as ‘Spaces’, Facebook’s new feature will allow one to interact with their friends in a virtual chat room. You can customise how your character looks, to bring it closer to how you actually look. You can invite other friends on Facebook who are using Spaces to come and hang out with you in a virtual chat room. You can also use the messenger to invite friends to a VR chat.

Together, a group can experience virtual reality videos, draw and hold objects and much more. Their website reads, “It is a new VR app where you hang out with friends in a fun, interactive virtual environment as if you were in the same room.”

A ‘Tips’ video was also launched in order to make things easier for the users.

Currently, the feature is in beta and is available to Oculus Rift users, but the company has plans to make it available for other software developers so that they can build upon it.

For now, the maximum number of users that can join a virtual room is three people.

‘Spaces’ was primarily showcased by CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in 2016. The beta version app is now available in the Oculus store.