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June 15-2016
Disney reveals Pete’s invisible ‘Dragon’ in its new trailer

The battle for survival is not always faced alone. Sometimes we find few companions who are worth living and probably worth dying for too. Disney’s upcoming live action feature displays the beauty of companionship between a human and a humongous dragon with the power of turning invisible.

The recent trailer of Pete’s Dragon unravels the secret held by its first teaser as it portrays that ‘Some secrets are too big to keep’. Unlike its teaser which came out in February, this trailer reveals the central essence of the film- Elliott-The Dragon.

The young protagonist Pete played by Oakes Fegley stranded in the forest is restored back to human civilisation but can he live without Elliott after being with him for six long years? Moreover, can Elliott survive without the little boy?

Friendship is a relation which crosses boundaries of sacrifice and willingness to take risks. Pete too returns to his dragon for he knows that Elliott cannot survive alone. But, a dragon among humans does not sound to be a probable affair. Humans may turn out to be dangerous or the dragon may turn out to be violent and alarming.

As far as the animation is concerned, the CGI dragon does not look that appealing for it seems out of place. Just by the first look of the dragon you realise that it has been created and does not kind of belong to the usual setting of the film. But, may be that is how director David Lowery wants his characters to be and definitely, it is a bit early to judge.

The dragon can disappear! This is one feature that we can look forward to as various sequences when the dragon turns invisible may seem visually enthralling. WETA Digital and Double Negative seem to have done a decent work of VFX and CGI creation from the trailer however let’s not jump to conclusions before the movie takes flight on 12 August, 2016.