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February 17-2015
Cobrapost releases comic book ‘The Adventures of Rhea The Cobrapost Affair’

Cobrapost has launched a comic book, which has been released by its editor Aniruddha Bahal under the guise of calling journalists for a media gathering as the “biggest expose” of politicians, terrorists and intelligence agencies.

The comic book The Adventures of Rhea The Cobrapost Affair carries an apparently controversial reference to a senior woman television anchor and reporter as it describes adventures of Cobrapost reporter Rhea, which Bahal claimed was inspired by his daughter.

Bahal, who launched the Rs 199 priced comic book in a room packed with journalists covering internal security, crime and home ministry beats, apologised to them saying he “pulled a fast one” on the reporters saying “all of us have a sense of humour and if we don’t we need to develop one.”

The hype around the press conference was generated after a sensational email from Cobrapost claiming to release details of “Operation R-a year-long Cobrapost investigation” which claimed to have exposed the network of an international terrorist group in India.

“Linked to the ISI and the Taliban, the group made a concerted effort to kidnap foreign diplomats and nationals in India amidst other nefarious activities. The group used the Delhi Golf Course as a hub for clandestine meetings. CCTV footage even shows some of them having discussions while playing golf,” the invitation email had said.