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September 27-2014
Cartoon Network brings back ‘Kid Krrish’ in a brand new movie

After two successful movies, the Kid Krrish franchise returns to Cartoon Network with the third movie titled Kid Krrish: Mystery in Mongolia. With higher stakes and even stronger villains, the third sequel of the action-packed film will have fan’s favorite vigilante travel through the vast lands of China and the magnificent Mongolian deserts to save the world from an imminent disaster. Co-produced by Film Kraft, Toonz Animation and Turner International, Kid Krrish: Mystery in Mongolia will premiere on Saturday, 27 September at 12:00 pm on Cartoon Network.

Mark Eyers, Chief a Content Officer, Kids Networks, Turner International Asia Pacific said, “Our Kid Krrish venture with Film Kraft and Toonz Animation has been extremely successful with the movies delivering strong ratings. The past two sequels have garnered a large fan base and we are certain that the new sequel is going to be just as thrilling and exciting for all viewers.”

In this new sequel, Dr. Para is back but this time he is even more dangerous than ever! The evil Gozonian aliens have revived Para and converted him into a lethal cyborg – Para 2.0; the evil aliens use Para 2.0 to capture the good alien base and a powerful sundial in Mongolia. It is now up to Kid Krrish to not only save his friends but also the Mongolian tribal village from complete annihilation.