June 19-2017
5 spectacular games revealed at E3 this year

The event replete with anticipation and surprises just came to an end. This year’s E3 gave out a lot of content to the gaming enthusiasts. From Spider-Man to Anthem and Super Mario Odyssey, the developers did not hold back in showing their upcoming titles at the mega convention.

Here are five trailers from upcoming gaming titles at E3 that we loved!

1> Anthem: This definitely comes first in my mind when I recall E3, 2017. The game seems like Bioware’s take on Destiny whose second edition will be rolled out on PC through Blizzard’s dedicated platform.
Not much is known about the game, but a glimpse at the trailer gives an idea of how the game would be. An RPG with mech-pilot suits, intense firing and incredibly sculpted landscape seems reason enough for this game to be a winner when it comes out.

2> Star Wars Battlefront II: This game’s E3 trailer garnered the highest number of views among its contemporaries. According to Gamespot, the trailer received over 7.9 million views during this week itself. Let’s see how this game does when it is out!

3> Super Mario Odyssey: What looks to be one of the most promising Nintendo Switch titles, Super Mario Odyssey will feature few parts in the game which will be of 2D genre and will provide players with a link to the classic. The game also has a co-op


4> Spider-Man: Spider-Man: Homecoming is due to release in cinemas next month. The new trailer showcases our very own web crawler darting through the city evading obstacles, unfortunately however, the game seems in no way related to the upcoming movie. But still it does pack a punch!

5> God of War: After an idle period of few years, Kratos is back with this brand new title. The game is not coming in 2017, but the gameplay looks really impressive.