February 14-2014
Crimzon Studio Unveils Project Slate (Interview)

Mumbai based Crimzon studio, which is led by Amit Ghadge, delivers illustrations for comics, board games, and is presently working with Zenescope, Ark Vindicta, Giant Goblin Games, and Wicked Grin Games, on their projects.

AnimationXpress.com caught up with Amit, a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Founder of Crimzon Studio to find more about the recentlycompleted and ongoing projects at Crimzon.

Hi Amit, Please tell us more about your studio?
The core idea behind forming Crimzon Studio was to produce comics collaborating with Indian writers and artists along with taking up comic jobs from international clients and create and identity for Indian talent along with Crimzon Studio in the international industry. The services that our studio offers are for comics and we also have worked for games, particularly the art required for the board games and cards. We are also into Pre-production works. Movie and animation story-boards, character development and designing and working on game art concepts also hold a vital place at Crimzon.

Can you share with us the work done by Crimzon?

We did colors for Fabian Rangel, 2 issues mini series called “Revenge Rooster”. Recently we worked on one more projects with him called “Fragments” which is in the process of production. We have also worked with 215 inks for the title “Loudmouth” which was a superhero comedy.  Apart from that we had the opportunity to work on a 44 pages inking project called “Heaven and Fourth”. Just few months back we worked on 3 different coloring titles with Zenescope entertainment called “Zombies the Cursed”, “The jungle book”, and “Madness of Wonderland”, we also did a few  Board Game designs “Storm The Castle”, “Pyg Farmer”, and “Tanks of War” for Giant Goblin Games.

Please put light on the latest ongoing projects?
We are working on issue #2 of “The Devil’s Pool” for AckVindicta also starting work on another title “HACK” by mid- October. In addition, we are working on a management comic project for I2M project Academy. Then, work is going on character& concept art for “The Spoil- Trading Card Game”. We worked as colorist for “Devi Chaudhurani” by Yali Dreams creation written by ShamikDasgupta. We are also in talks with Giant Goblin Games for another interesting board game art, and a couple of other Storyboarding projects.
We are also working on an in-houseboard game project which is under production. Can’t reveal much of it right now but I can tell it’s a first ever Board Game which our younger audiences and Game fans have never before experienced and they are going to love it, which is definitely something big coming soon from Crimzon Studio.

Amit, you’ve finished working on a board game design for Giant Goblin Games? Please inform more?
They were looking for a team to work on their project “Storm the Castle”. This was their first project and so was ours, and this gave us an opportunity to start with board game work.Apart from “Storm the Castle” we have worked on other three titles for them “Tanks of War” which is a WW2 tanks board/card based game, “Pyg Farmer” Where the player is aOrc farmer, the last one is “The Grand Tour” based on the famous Tour de France.Board art, Action cards, Ref. cards, Along with their box cover art and rule book designs were delivered by us.We are currently in talks on working for a Sci-fi Board Game for them, but can’t reveal more of it yet.
“Working with Amit and Crimzon Studio has been a great pleasure. They are a very talented studio that has helped me on four projects. That’s a testament to their quality, dedication and service that they bring to each project I give to them. They’re able to change styles as needed and very open to ideas. They bring my ideas to life – and that’s pretty dang cool!, Shares Giant Goblin Games.

Can you share more about the 8 comic’sthat you are creating for an Academy?

Sure, it is I2M Project Management Academy for whom we are creating illustrations. The story line revolves around situations and circumstances that are experienced by professionals in their office and in their life and how best do they adapt and apply their skills and knowledge in those situations. Each story will be around 25-30 pages and there are around 8-9 stories in all. The books are written by Ajay Parasrampuria who is the founder of Project Management Academy along with Khushnaz Bode who is a writer and artist. The selection of style is an important aspect as it is more management audience oriented and so we have kept it in a simple semi-realistic style. The books are completely Black & White.

What work have you carried out for Zenescope?
We have provided colors for three books of Zenescope.They were looking for colorists for their project “Zombies the Cursed”, “Jungle Book” and “Madness of Wonderland”and we were the right fit for their style. This was the first issue from their new series so we had to create a different color pallet from their other titles. There are around 24 pages of colors.We first created a mood board for the colors to look balanced and see that they break the monotonous nature of the story, there are a few pages which had a flashback which needed a special color scheme. The book is out in the market and can be found here on their website.

And which projects are you working on for Ark Vindicta Development and Publishing LLC?
They were looking for a team who can commit to their long run story “The Devils Pool”. We approached them, did a test page, among 30 test applications only 2 others along with us were selected and finally we were the ones who got the project.
We are working on 9 issues for this book. “The Devil’s Pool” begins a series that follows Ben Carver, an ordinary man, living in a corrupt back woods county riddled with the blackest sin. Standing alone, he is overpowered, beaten and cast into The Devil’s Pool, a sink hole of local legend.  Deep in an ancient cavern, Ben Carver discovers that he is going to need more than his human abilities to wrestle against forces that extend beyond our natural world. We started work by mid-August; we have finished the work on issue#1 and have begun work on issue#2.
“Amit and his team at Crimzon Studio are very professional.  Before they put pencil to paper they wanted to make sure they clearly understood the story, the characters and my overall goals.  I’m very impressed with the work they do, but more importantly the good communication during the process. “- shares, Jeramie L. Worley, Writer/Creator The Devil’s Pool

Any Closing Comments
Indian comic industry is yet to achieve its global recognition. The scenario is changing though, with the advent of Comic Con and many individual artists getting international exposure. As a studio, we try to match up with the quality of international comics that helps to create a distinct impression for the overall industry.