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Streamer Pokimane donates $50K to boost gaming and esports among students
9:10 am PDT 17/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is a Youtube and Twitch streamer and a rising to fame playing games like League of Legends and Fortnite has donated a grand total of $50,000 to the school, the amount specifically set aside to help fund an annual scholarship for students involved in gaming and esports. According to UCI Sports, the ‘Pokimane Scholarship’ will be awarded out to one qualified student per year, with the full donation sitting “for perpetuity in an investment account accruing 4 to … Read More

Of gaming and opportunities, a look into the Indian esports ecosystem
7:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By Krishanu Ghosal

Esports is a fairly new buzzword in the country. While esports tournaments have been a part of the India’s gaming ecosystem for quite some time, in the past couple of years, the popularity has surged high enough to attract international attention and now many are scrambling to get a slice of it. Back in 2018, the ecosystem witnessed a number of significant tournaments like ESL One, DreamHack and COBX Masters and according to Esports Observer, the prize money given out … Read More

As the new look of Batman has released, we take a look at previous portrayals of the caped crusader in cinema
7:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By Parth Kaushik

While Robert Pattinson is our new Bruce Wayne, the caped crusader of Gotham portrayed by multiple actors over the years is worth taking a look at. With the new look of Batman (played by Robert Pattinson) surfacing online, let’s go over the multiple spins and shades added in a variety of movie depictions through the years. 1. Lewis G. Wilson Being the first and youngest actor to essay the role of Batman, he donned the batsuit at the age of 23 in the … Read More

Vaibhav Studios reveals adorable Nick ident for Valentine’s Day!
6:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

Vaibhav Studios had a funny yet relatable video as a gift for Valentine’s Day! After its Samosa and Vada Pav rap ident for Indian kids broadcaster, Nickelodeon garnered tremendous response on social media, the studio revealed its recent ident ‘Train’ to celebrate the day of love! Produced by Vaibhav Studios, the new ‘Train’ ident is supercool and will resonate very well with audiences across the country, especially those who travel by train on a daily basis. The concept itself is … Read More

Lucid Labs’ new platform makes game dev collaborations easy
5:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Collaboration in the gaming community has been a practice for years given the burgeoning demand for gaming content. Earlier most collaboration used to take place when the developers met face to face at a social gathering, gamer networks, game jams, gaming cafes and so on. Since the inception of digital age collaborations among game makers have become possible online especially through social media platforms. From social media, today developers have the option to collaborate on platforms which have been created especially to connect, collaborate and create games. … Read More

Yoozoo Games opens pre-registration for ‘DoomCar’
4:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Yoozoo Games has opened pre-registration of strategy RPG DoomCar is now open for Android devices. The game opens with the year 2057, where massive space vessels of unknown origin suddenly appear on earth and lay waste to the world with unrelenting and overwhelming force. On a barren and post-apocalyptic wasteland, the annihilation caused by faceless alien invaders leaves humans battling for resources. Society has chosen a lethal new order of vehicular society, one that might just survive the toxic and hostile environment. Powerful, atmospheric, … Read More

‘Mulan’ release threatened by Coronavirus in China
3:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Coronavirus is not only affecting the health of masses across the world, but also various industries at large.  After the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the virus as a state of global emergency, Disney’s theme park business in China has already hit a low and now its box-office industry is also going to be hampered. Disney is releasing the live-action remake of its 1998 animated classic, Mulan about a Chinese warrior woman in North America on 27 March. With a … Read More

Unilever stops advertising for food and beverages to kids below 12 years
2:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Unilever has announced to be discontinuing all marketing and advertising initiatives of its food and beverage brands which are primarily targeted to children. The company will not market the products to children under the age of 12 across traditional media channels, and below the age of 13 on social media and digital media channels, and plans to take execute this decision by the end of 2020. Any form of marketing and advertising will not be permitted to any brands owned by … Read More

‘The Fox Badger Family’ set to go on a global tour
1:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Mediatoon Distribution has sold its joyful preschool series The Fox Badger Family, commissioned by France Televisions, to over 25 new broadcasters. The 52 x 12’ show, commissioned by France 5, is ranked in the top 20 in France and has already seen huge success on Kika in Germany where it has won 63.7 per cent of the audience for preschoolers aged three to five. The free TV channels that have snagged the show include TV Brazil, CCTV-14 (China), Télé-Quebec (Canada), … Read More

DC to launch the all new ‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’
12:30 pm PDT 14/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

DC Comics will launch a new six-issue miniseries titled Batman: The Adventures Continue, which will be set in the same world as the acclaimed animated series from the ’90s. The show’s co-creator, Paul Dini, is teaming up with fellow producer Alan Burnett, and artist Ty Templeton to create a new series for DC. Batman: The Adventures Continue will be a digital-first six-issue mini-series, and its first installments will be released in April 2020. Batman: The Adventures Continue #1, the first … Read More

Netflix picks up ‘Thomas and Friends’
11:30 am PDT 14/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Netflix in multiple regions will be the home to season 23 of Thomas and Friends from 15 March 2020. The news was revealed during Mattel’s earnings calls on Thursday. Thomas and Friends is a well known British-American kids series that has been operating since 1984 and follows the adventure of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends on the Island of Sodor. It features popular characters such as The Fat Controller, Gordon, Cranky, Edward, Annie, and Clarabel. Mark Moraghan currently … Read More

Ubisoft to roll out new ‘Prince of Persia’ game
10:30 am PDT 14/02/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Prince of Persia fans good news for you! The age-old game which has been the fond childhood memory for many is back. Ubisoft has announced a new Prince of Persia game today Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time following the predecessors. Ubisoft confirmed that it will be bringing a Prince of Persia VR escape room to more than 300 locations around the world. The official post reveals that: “Two, three or four players team up and work together to solve puzzles and find a way out of a … Read More